Listen to another new Pendulum song, titled Nothing For Free

Listen to another new Pendulum song, titled Nothing For Free

Two new tracks from Pendulum, as they celebrate their return after ten years.

Update -

After returning with their first track in ten years just yesterday, Perth drum'n'bass heavyweights Pendulum have followed it up with a second one, titled Nothing For Free. Comparative to Driver, the new single is a little more of an evolution of their work that showcases a new edge, with frontman Rob Swire building a euphoric, vocal-led raise above a heaving bass of half-time that paces itself away from Driver's drum'n'bass energy. 

"We’ve been working on some new tracks for a while now and it’s great to finally get them out. We’d been playing exclusive previews of some of the new music at shows in Australia and New Zealand before lockdown, and we’ve been making tweaks along the way to make sure they’re right," says Rob on the two new singles, officially out today. "The lyrics to Nothing For Free ended up being relevant to what’s been going on in the world, even though it was written before 2020 happened. For the video, we focused instead on rabbits in a similar situation to see how it might play out."

Take a dive into the second of the two songs Nothing For Free below, and underneath, find our original words on their return:

Original Article:

It's been ten years since Pendulum last shared something new, believe it or not, but despite that, their status as one of the country's most brilliant electronic acts hasn't been argued at all. The Rob Swire-led ensemble have been a defining name of Australia's heavier electronic scenes for two decades now, influencing an entire, now-thriving ecosystem of drum'n'bass especially in their hometown of Perth, where the scene continues to thrive through a now globally infamous string of promoters and producers that make the city somewhat of a hot-spot for the sub-genre that rivals its birthplace in the UK.

Even without releasing original music throughout the last ten years (they did, however, drop a remix collection in 2018 that featured Noisia, Skrillex, DJ Seinfeld, Moby, Knife Party and plenty of others), they've kept that legacy long-standing, regardless of whether it be on the live stage - where despite being an active, releasing artist, they've toured in numerous different forms and line-ups over the last ten years - or in recording, as even current-day drum'n'bass fans plug into the Pendulum discography for a dose of nostalgia, especially as the genre continues to grow and be experimented on.

Now, however, they're surprisingly back with something new. Premiering earlier this morning, Driver marks Pendulum's first major release in the ten years since Immersion, and what a re-arrival it is. It's a hard-hitting and relentless burst of energy that feels distinctly Pendulum, capturing the charm of their sound at its peak but also showing how they've managed to evolve and grow over the years, as they continue to teeter on the edge of electronic maximalism.

It's unforgiving and striking; a return to the heaviness of their past that contrasts the other arriving single coming out fresh tomorrow morning, titled Nothing For Free

We'll update this when Nothing For Free comes out tomorrow, but in the meantime, take a big wallop of Pendulum goodness and dive into Driver below:

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