The songs that shaped Winterbourne's new EP, Pendulum

The songs that shaped Winterbourne's new EP, Pendulum

Some of the tunes that helped inspire the indie duo's new six-track.

Central Coast pair James Draper and Jordan Brady, aka Winterbourne, released their first EP All But The Sun back in 2014 and have since been gathering steam as quickly as they've been gathering new fans. Last year saw the indie duo earn supports on some enormous tours alongside Little May and The Rubens, while also finding time to write new material for their second EP Pendulum, due out Friday May 27. From psych-rock to soft acoustic guitars and harmonic undertones, it's abundantly clear that Pendulum was melded by a plethora of artists and sounds, both old and new. The boys from Winterbourne took the time to walk us through some of the tracks that helped shape the lovely sounds of Pendulum.


The Song They Play Every Night - Little Green Cars

When we first heard this song we were on tour in Bunbury. We'd just finished a long conversation about how there was no music around that we really loved, nothing that we were obsessed with and wanted to play over and over. Then this song came on the radio. So we immediately bought it and played it about twelve times a day while we were recording.

Wanting - Gordi

Gordi is someone that always comes into our top tens, she's got such a cool style that anything she releases is going to be amazing. Wanting is classic Gordi, it's got an infectious chorus that's impossible to stop singing and it's so well produced. She supported us on our first headline tour and the whole time we kind of felt like it should be the other way around.

First - Cold War Kids

We discovered this song in the weeks leading up to recording and it really suited the direction we were trying to go- it has a classic rock feel with some great tones and sounds and just feels cool, but at the same time has some great melodies and lyrics.

Dustland Fairytale - The Killers

The Killers are that band that we somehow keep rediscovering. They'll be all we listen to for all couple of weeks, then we won't listen to for 6 months until one of us says 'How good are the Killers?!', and it will start all over again. This song is usually the one that gets us back in the Killers mood, because it's so epic and unexpected and awesome. It really influences the way we write songs, because Killers songwriting is some of the best in the world. I like to think our single Shape has a bit of Killers in it.

I'm Only Sleeping - The Beatles

The more we listen to the Beatles the more we realise just how good they were. The melodies in this song are genius and there are some great opportunities to harmonise so it's a lot of fun to play. It's just a classic that we never get sick of. This classic style is something we really took on board for the new EP, and was really fun to play around with.

Sooth Lady Wine - Matt Corby

We weren't huge fans of this one straight away, but it was the coolness of that groove that really stood out to us. Then after about two more listens we both realised that it's actually a pretty great tune. I first heard this on the way to James' house for a writing day, and we ended up just trying to replicate the grooviness of this song. We didn't pull it off, we got nowhere near it, but it inspired some pretty cool ideas.

Angela - The Lumineers

The Lumineers can't really go wrong, they're so good at what they do, but this song is especially good. For me it's the catchiest song on the album, but it's also a little bit darker and a lot more understated than the other singles. That's what made it stand out for us from the beginning.

I Want You To Want Me - Cheap Trick

This is another old classic, a song we've loved since high school. James has wanted to play this one live for about the last eight years and and we've never got around to doing it. It's just so rock and roll and it makes us want to dance so it will definitely be making it into a Winterbourne set sometime very soon.

Hold -  Vera Blue 

We are pretty massive Vera Blue fans at the moment. She's such a great songwriter and her voice is just plain ridiculous. She recently began working with our buddies Thom and Andy Mak, a writer/producer/sibling duo with a certain talent for pumping out bangers (Andy has produced both our EPs), and together they've pumped out Hold, which one of our favourite songs of the year. We're in the habit of singing the chorus very, very loudly at least twice a day. The live version is pretty unbelievable too. It's just a great song.

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