Get To Know Phoebe Go & Her Debut Solo Album, 'Marmalade'

Get To Know Phoebe Go & Her Debut Solo Album, 'Marmalade'

We caught up with Phoebe to unpack her creative process, life’s many lessons, and her favourite marmalade. Let’s GO!

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Checking in with Phoebe Go, it’s clear she possesses an intuitive wisdom that belies her years. This should come as no surprise, given she’s stacked up over 10 years in the music biz after the breakout success of her high-school band, Snakadaktal, catapulted her into the spotlight at the tender age of 15.

Fast forward to the present day and here we are with multiple shows, tours, and accolades tucked snugly beneath her belt, and her highly anticipated debut solo LP finally unleashed into the wild.

Marmalade is a record about losing comfort and the process of finding it again, or at least finding your feet to go looking for it again. “It’s all pretty raw” Phoebe says of Marmalade. “Working on these songs was an outlet that helped me move forward, which is the whole point, I guess. Sometimes it meant recording the songs that I never wanted anyone to hear. I'm really proud and I'm really happy.

Featuring recent singles Something You Were Trying, 7 UP, Leave, and Stupid, the 8-track record is hauntingly beautiful and radiantly raw, with Phoebe’s poignant storytelling keeping you hanging on to every lyric.

To celebrate the release, she’ll be tearing through a handful of headline shows with her full band on the east coast in June, before hitting the road with indie rockers, Teenage Dads (all dates below) . Phoebe was kind enough to take a moment out of her hectic schedule to shoot the shit with us. Get to know!

Congrats on the new album!! How does it feel to be releasing a debut solo record after a decade in the industry in other projects?

Thanks. Yeah it feels great. I’m really happy with the record.

When did you first start working on Marmalade? How did creating this record differ from previous releases with other collaborators?

I started writing Marmalade in 2021 I think. Everything I’ve put out as a solo artist has felt so personal. I think that’s the main difference. Every aspect of the music feels like it’s sewn in or something now. The songs feel like diary entries.

How did your past experiences help when it came time to sculpt your debut solo album? What were the biggest differences from previous releases?

I think all the time I’ve spent making records has helped loosen my grip on the work. You know, I’ve learned not to overwork things. That can be a really hard part of the job but it’s handy when creating something of your own. Especially something that your name’s attached to. Like, knowing when to put it down and call it a day. Cause as an artist you’re the only one who can say when something’s finished. Nobody taps you on the shoulder and says like “yep, that’ll do”. It’s just intuitive. I dunno, nothing’s ever really finished though. It’s just about developing a taste for when and how to abandon something. I’ve learned not to aim for perfection. It’s just a feeling.

"I think this album is about losing comfort and finding it again” - this is a powerful and relatable statement about the album, could you expand on this in the context of creating and releasing the record?

Yeah. This record sort of revealed itself as it went. I was really going through it. I was processing something from my childhood that sorta made me need to recalibrate. Like, everything I thought I knew looked and felt different. I feel so at home in myself now though, and the songs really helped get me there.

How is the new album sounding live?

Haha I dunno yet! I’m about to start rehearsals for the shows in June. It’s gonna be really fun.

You're hitting the road with Teenage Dads later in the year for a string of shows across the country, what are you most excited about? What can people expect?

Yeah we’re really excited. I have this weird desire to play really loud haha. Who knows if that’s gonna happen but it’s a feeling.

What is your favourite variety of Marmalade and how do you eat it?

All varieties. Heaps of butter.

What have you been listening to lately?

Dari Bay - Longest Day Of The Year

Mk.gee - Two Star & The Dream Police

Lizzy McAlpine - Older

Phoebe Go's new album Marmalade is out now via AWAL

Phoebe Go Marmalade Album artwork

*supporting Teenage Dads
6 June - Northcote Social Club, Melbourne
20 June - Phoenix Central Park, Sydney
22 June - SILO, Brisbane
23 August - The Tivoli, Brisbane*
24 August - Enmore Theatre, Sydney*
31 August - The Gov, Adelaide*
01 September - Max Watts, Melbourne*
13 September - Hobart Uni, Tasmania*
14 September - Forum, Melbourne*

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