Meet MIZUKI, fashioning impactful strides with electro-indie-pop sounds

Meet MIZUKI, fashioning impactful strides with electro-indie-pop sounds

The Melbourne based singer-songwriter re-embraces her passion for music and reflects on how far she’s come with latest single.

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This Melbourne-based singer-songwriter makes a smooth entrance into the electro-indie-pop world with a colorful and soulful release titled How Far We’ve Come. Written as a reflection on past moments and phases throughout the different stages of life, the release is a personal journey of self-discovery and new opportunities for MIZUKI. Following her debut Over the Sun, a single released early 2020, and a range of covers and demos uploaded to her Instagram account, MIZUKI has re-aligned her focus on music, crafting impactful compositions evident in this addictive new track. 

For this Sydney born artist, music was on the backburner when she first moved to Melbourne with her studies in fashion design taking priority. It wasn’t until paths crossed with her now management team ON3 that music seemed like a possibility, giving MIZUKI the confidence to pursue something she had “always loved”.

"For me, I’ve always loved music but it didn’t seem like something that I could do. I didn’t have a lot of confidence and I didn’t know where to start,” MIZUKI says. “After meeting the ON3 guys, it felt natural and exciting because the possibility and opportunity to do something I've always loved to do was right there in front of me!"

 Drawing from cultural influences of her Australian-Japanese heritage, MIZUKI has embraced her love for expression through euphonic soundscapes, catchy melodies, and raw lyricism in How Far We’ve Come. With lines such as “hold me when I’m feeling down” and  “will you still love me when I’m not at my best?” MIZUKI unpacks past feelings of sadness and doubt, taking them with her on the journey to the present day and looking back upon “I love how far we’ve come”. 

With a sound that fits in alongside the likes of indie lo-fi pop songstresses Vera Blue, Clairo, Girl in Red, and mxmtoon, there is no doubt that this is just a glimpse of what is yet to blossom for this emerging talent. 

Tell us about yourself?  

Hi! I’m Mizuki. I am a Japanese/Australian singer songwriter. I grew up in Sydney and am currently based in Melb :) 

What’s your music like? What does it sound like? What kind of themes does it usually cover? 

I think it’s definitely within the pop genre but I love all genres of music and everything inspires me. 

Growing up I did Capoeira and so afro-Brazilian music inspires me a lot. I absolutely love the raw and percussive sounds  they use and the way it’s expressed, it’s so beautiful. 

Also my grandad was a jazz composer in Japan and so there was a lot of jazz playing in my family home as well. I also love Japanese pop music and that definitely inspires me a lot too. 

In terms of themes, most of my songs are quite personal. Whether I'm writing from the perspective of myself, a friend or anything else, I feel like it comes most naturally when it’s something I have a connection to. 

What are your production and writing processes usually like? 

I’ve always started off with a guitar and a notepad and that’s where my songs usually come from. A lot of my songs come from my Notes App where I write down things that come to mind because otherwise I’d forget. :’) it’s so convenient because that way I can do it whenever! 

Recently I’ve started working with producers and having sessions with them, where it’s been more like jamming out and seeing what comes out of it. Both have been feeling super natural and exciting so it’s so much fun!  

Can you tell us a bit about your new single, How Far We've Come? 

The song is about growth and recognising how far you've come on your journey; whether that be within yourself, with a person or to a place that has a special connection to you. 

It's my reflection on moments that have passed by in my life and appreciating where I'm at now.

What do you have planned for 2022? 

I’m releasing an EP towards the start of the year which is so exciting. I’ve got a collab coming out in Feb with electronic producer and good friend YAAK, who I also worked with on How Far We’ve Come  (cool guy). It’s got more of a DnB vibe and it’s so much fun hehe. 

I feel so lucky to have worked with such talented and amazing people who have pushed me forward!!! 

What do you want people to take away from your work? 

Music means so much to me and always has. 

What I hope I can do with my music is make people feel the way music has made me feel.

Growing up I had so many musical role models but no one that I could connect with in the way that I wanted to.

I want to inspire people to think they can be who they want to be without any boundaries;  because music is a universal language and doesn’t have any. It makes me feel free and myself and I hope that if people see that a young Japanese/Australian female can do what she loves, it will inspire the people who listen to my music to do the same. 

You can find MIZUKI's music across SPOTIFY and APPLE MUSIC 


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