Listen to an exclusive mix from Ok Sure - Ode To Tchntx

Listen to an exclusive mix from Ok Sure - Ode To Tchntx

Her new LP, Pleomorphism, is out Friday 2 February.

Ok Sure is one of our favourite Australian producers - difficult to define, always intriguing, sometimes ambient, others packing a throbbing intensity like no others - it's fair to say we're looking forward to the release of her debut album, Pleomorphism, this Friday 2 February. to mark the ocassion we asked her to whip up a little mix just to tide us over til it is released, and she has not disappointed. Ode To Tchntx is a reference to her other job as an Uber driver AKA the Techno Taxi. Anyone lucky enough to get onboard will if nothing else be treated to a musical journey unlike most Uber drivers cranking Triple M or some other shitty commercial radio station.

That journey, we imagine, may sound something like below - so tuck in and check out her descriptions of each track, and head HERE to pre-order Pleomorphism now.

#1: Ok Sure - Behaviour

If you’ve been following my Tchntx adventures you’ll know what this track is in reference to. One of the songs about my attempted poly relationship that exploded in my face and what initially inspired ‘Pleomorphism’.

#2: Weval - Gimme Some

I’m insatiable, I can relate to the title of this track.

#3: Six Million Ways - Talaboman

I just wanna make music like this.

#4: Moderat - Therapy

Whenever people get into my car and start the whole "So what else do you do apart from Uber?" questions and I respond with “I make music”, they generally ask what my fave bands/influencers/who I sound like etc are. I always respond with Moderat being a big influence, I can only hope to sound like them one day…

#5: Max Cooper - Woven Ancestry (Lusine Remix)

I drove Max Cooper around in Techno Taxi a while ago, so thought I’d add a few tracks from people I’ve offered my services to. He is one of the few artists I’ve driven around whose music I really like. I have an Uber book that I get all the DJs/producers to sign who I drive around to gigs, he drew me a potato in it and said it was ‘Max Coopers finest prize potato’. I have no idea what that’s about but it was cute.

#6: Maribou State - The Clown feat. Pedestrian (Axel Boman Remix)

Maribou State is another act I drove around recently. They were great, they bought me dinner (twice) and tried to make me go party with them once I dropped them off at 3am. Their addition to the Uber book was a drawing of some beer, burgers and a bag of ketamine. Another Axel Boman track… I guess I really like him, hope I get to drive him around some time.

#7: Ok Sure - Feeder

I get in trouble if I don’t add my own tracks in so here’s one from the album.

#8: Ok Sure - Foray

This is an unreleased track that I never knew what to do with because I wasn’t sure if it was Ok Sure or Tchntx. I’m still not sure. I was thinking of coming up with a third alias, which was probably just going to be my name Akaysha, but my manager thinks that’s a shit idea. I think I want Ok Sure to go in this direction and this will probably be on the next EP of DJ-friendly bangers.

#9: Tchntx - Late Night Drive

Unreleased demo I wrote about being an Uber driver.

#10: Ok Sure - Atlas

See #7.

#11: Lorn - Ghosst

I drove Motez around a few months ago and played him some tracks, he thought I’d really be into Lorn. He wasn’t wrong.

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