Meet MIIDDY, a Perth-based producer who just dropped a heavy new EP, Distorted Roses

Meet MIIDDY, a Perth-based producer who just dropped a heavy new EP, Distorted Roses

Some serious bass business from a Perth young gun.

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MIIDDY is a Perth-based producer fond of a hefty lowend. His latest EP, Distorted Roses, is testament to that, with four huge tracks that dive deep into bass music for fans of REZZ, RL Grime and Herobust. If you like your bangers with a bit of hair on their chest, we recommend you dive in below, along with getting to know him a little better:

Tell us about yourself?

I’m a 19-year-old Perth-based electronic producer, DJ and musician. I’m also currently studying sound at WAAPA. I started playing piano when I was 6 years old, started DJing house parties when I was 14 and I’ve been producing music on Ableton for about 3-4 years.

What kinda tunes we talkin’?

The music on my new EP gravitates towards a mixture of melodic, half-time and experimental bass music. Death Disco had a listen and kind of described it as RL Grime meets Herobust with a touch of Flume.

Production/writing process:

A big thing for me when it comes to producing music is feeling inspired. If I force myself to create something out of thin air nothing usually comes of it. Which is why majority of the time ideas for songs comes naturally to me. Either from playing piano, messing around with my synth, listening to different genres of music or even just going for a walk. From time to time ideas for melodies or drum patterns pop into my head while I’m not home, which means the majority of the time this happens I have to hum these ideas into my phone, and later on in the day I’ll go back and translate what I’ve hummed into music.

When it comes to a track im already working on and I’m finding a lack of inspiration/motivation, I tend to do things such as labeling, colour coding, grouping and arrangement. The reason I do this when I’m not motivated is when I’m feeling creative I try get as much of the idea as I can on the canvas first, and then go back later and clean it up. You can always clean up your workspace later but you’re not always going to remember that idea that came into your head. Half the time this could inspire some creativity for me as I’m looking at a cleaner workspace, other times nothing comes of it but it’s something that needs to be done sooner rather than later.

miidy live josef wilkins

Image by @josef_wilkins.

Can you tell us about your new EP, Distorted Roses?

This EP is a new direction for my music. I’ve pushed myself to try combine a variety of genres that influence me as an artist to create something new and interesting. The name Distorted Roses came to my mind mid way through producing this EP. I felt this name worked well with the songs on the EP because the songs have musical elements throughout the songs as well as unusual sound designs, fx and foley that wouldn’t typically be considered musical. For example Beautiful Chaos begins with lush chords in the intro, but is then interrupted by a tape distortion.

The first song Unstable I begun producing about January this year and is a combination of two songs I was working on at the time. One song had the arpeggio intro idea and the other song had the drop. I was struggling to get a drop on the first song and struggling to get an intro on the second one, but they happened to be in the same key and flowed really well together. The name unstable comes from how I feel when I listen to this song, I had a lot of fun producing the second track Fly Away. There is only a few main elements when you’re casually listening however there is about 20-30 tracks of just random fx and foley throughout the drop. These tracks add a lot of texture to the track and you don't typically notice the majority of them, but without the track would feel empty.

The third song Announcement with Beechey is the first song I started writing for this EP. I met Beechey when I was playing Capitol in September of 2017, and we connected really well. A few weeks later I showed him a beat I had been working on and he really liked it. So we got to recording. I kept tweaking the song from week to week, changing up the drop and style till we were both happy with what we had. We then re recorded the vocals so Josh could work the lyrics with the new structure of the song. There were about 20 different variations of the song but we kept the same lyrics.

The 4th song beautiful Chaos was the last song to be completed in the EP. I went down south with a good friend of mine Franky Timis and we solely worked on music for a few days. We were going through archives of our unfinished projects and old songs, and I showed Franky what now became Beautiful Chaos. It was only the lead in the drop and a drum pattern underneath, Franky gave me some ideas and inspired me to finish the rest of the track. He later did the master for the full EP.

Any shows coming up?

I haven’t officially announced this yet but I have my first over east show at The Wall in Sydney on the 5th of December, as well as a few Perth and regional shows in the works for the rest of December.

What’s the rest of the year have in store?

I have a few songs currently in the works so hopefully getting those tunes out before the end of the year.

Where can we hear more of your music?

If you go to it will redirect you to where you can stream/download my EP.


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