Introducing Jumrak: a Perth-based producer with big, bass-heavy new single, Genesis

Introducing Jumrak: a Perth-based producer with big, bass-heavy new single, Genesis

A young dude with plenty of potential, and big things in the works.

In the past the old "inspired by Flume" phrase has carried a bit of a stigma with it, in that for a while there everyone who said they were inspired by old mate were in reality just copying him. Fortunately in the years since emerging producers have recognised this, and used him as a platform to get the ball rolling, before casting much wider nets and exploring sound design and songwriting in more exciting ways. Enter Perth-based artist Jumrak, who's just dropped a heaving new single Genesis, one that we're very much digging. While citing Flume as a reference point, it's pretty clear he's got some exciting marbles rolling around in that head of his, and we're pretty keen to see where the Jumrak project evolves from here.

With that in mind, we sent him a few questions to get to know him a little better, which you can check out below:

Tell us about yourself?

My name is Jerry and music has always been a significant part of my life since I was seven years old. I used to play guitar, trombone and horn but over the years I gravitated towards electronic sounds. I was introduced to Deadmau5 at the age of eight by my cousin and I loved his music. I just didn’t know how to pursue or write it since I was so young. Gradually over the years of playing guitar, I caught myself trying to copy the euphoric, artificial and timeless sounds of synthesizers. I went to Big Day Out 2014 and after seeing Flume, I knew this was what I wanted to do.

What kinda tunes we talkin’?

I would describe my music simply as ‘Electronic’. I enjoy writing both heavier and more laid-back styles. Songs that have a type of depth and emotion to them. The last thing I would want is to be pigeonholed into a genre so I’ll leave it broad and let you decide. My musical inspiration comes from Flume, What So Not, Deadmau5, Carmack and Slumberjack. You can expect me to dive into the realm of house and hip hop in the future but I’m still crafting my own pallete in those genres.

Production/writing process:

I take inspiration in many ways and no track is made the same. Sometimes it’s from how I feel that day, my thoughts, or my mood. Other times I’ll layer textures or atmospheric sounds like birds, rain, or thunder and go from there. It may start with a chord progression, sample or beat pattern. In my head, I’ll try imagining a world, a feeling or a vibe and try to emulate that in the song I’m working on. Other times, I’ll try to recall a place that I’ve been to or write a soundtrack to a city in my head. I find that pictures, movies or even characters can give me inspiration as well. I think my best chord progressions are created when I have an intense emotion at the time whether it’s feeling down or angry or when I’m in a super confident mood. All of my music reflects where I am at a point in my life. Having neon lighting and weird plants around helps with my writing too.

Can you tell us about your new single, Genesis?

This was a weird one. I was getting bored of how lots of tracks these days like trap and dubstep always have a dominant synth and when you listen to a song, it’s always about that lead or sound design. So with Genesis, I wanted to experiment with the drop to get its heaviness from textures, tones, voices and ‘sounds’ rather than an overly dominant synth. I imagined a world being created, like the beginning of time or some shit and I think the chords at the start of the track emulates that kind of epic feeling. Genesis means the origin
or mode of formation of something, hence the track name.

Any shows coming up?

I would like to do a feature show towards the second half of the year but my main focus has been and still is to get more music out and build a more dedicated following first. However, other things are in the works that I can’t talk too much about right now. Stay close to my socials though and you’ll find out soon.

What’s the rest of the year have in store?

I have some goals of labels I want to release with and collaborations with other artists are on the way. I’m also going to try work with vocalists more and include them in my music from now on. Expect me to dive into more genres as my sound is only going to get more twisted and experimental. I would love to write more music with a house tempo as well as hip hop. There’s just so much space that I want to experiment with in my own unique way.

Where can we hear more of your music?

Follow my Facebook page because that’s the central point of all my socials but my music will always be available on the main platforms like SoundcloudSpotify etc.


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