Meet Perth's exciting new D'n'B export Flowidus, and latest single Don't Walk Away

Meet Perth's exciting new D'n'B export Flowidus, and latest single Don't Walk Away

The track is from their new EP Arrival, due May 25, which they launch this weekend.

We first came across Perth-based duo Flowidus last year with THIS rad remix of Elk Road's Hanging By Thread, and they've been steadily pumping out quality drum'n'bass tunes and releasing with all the right people that has them comfortably sitting alongside homegrown stalwarts like ShockOne and Ekko & Sidetrack. With a new EP on the horizon, we're stoked to offer a little sneak peek from it in the form of new track Don't Walk Away feat. EDDE, and sent the lads a few questions to find out a little more about them - check it all out below:

Tell us about yourselves?

Well we’re both originally from outside Aus. Raph is from NZ and me (Garo), I’m from Germany. We’ve always been around music and other creative sets of inspiration ranging from our parents to our hobbies and all that. We both met each other at a gig that Inhibit were holding about four years ago now, started chatting and thought we’d give a collab ago, fast forward four years and here we are. It’s been incredibly smooth sailing really, come to think about it and those four years have flown by!

What kinda tunes we talkin’?

Coming back to our inspirations, both of us have always been inspired and surrounded by a lot of soulful, melodic and rhythmic fueled music. Raph’s played in bands and DJ’d around NZ and I’ve done the WAAPA jazz thing, all of which shared those elements of music that we love and try to create. From a D'n'B perspective, I guess our tunes are heavily influenced from the time we got into D'n'B around 2007-8 and all those great artists, were melody played a big role and the bass and drums were absolutely slamming.

So, in terms of our tunes, I guess there is a lot of that plus a lot of variety because we just like too many different sounds so someday we will go in the studio and try to write some absolute stink pig of a dancefloor banger and the other days we are trying to roll out on a super chilled out liquid track and then everything in between. The great thing about D'n'B is that there are SOOOOO MANY varieties, so we don’t really want to pigeon hole ourselves. Hopefully people can identify with the stuff we are doing and I guess the aim is to sound like us in whatever type of track we write.

Production/writing process:

It varies. As we both have studious in our separate pads, we can always get an idea down when we have one. Our single Don’t Walk Away actually started as a remix project but nothing eventuated so we turned it into an original. Other tracks on the coming EP started off as something else entirely and we just went in there and hacked/chopped/moved and played around with stuff till we got something we liked. I always like Raph’s ideas a lot more than my own so it’s fun to build on them because I normally hate everything I do. Normally though, we are always working on the bulk of tunes together.

Can you tell us about your new EP?

The name of the EP is Arrival and it’s coming out on Elevate Records. The creation process was both super enjoyable and testing for the sanity. Needless to say, too many coffees were drunken! The EP formed over the last six months. Actually I think one track on there is definitely over a year old and has been through about 47 mix downs. We wanted to keep it really uplifting. Some of the tracks started as completely differently ideas. Like Garo said earlier, Don’t Walk Away begun as a remix that sounded totally different and ended up as a full original. I think it’s important to let a song write itself rather than force an idea for too long, it also helps to keep the production process fun. We wanted to make sure every song was music we would love to play in our sets. The feedback from Friction has been awesome too, he’s really opened our ears up to things we couldn’t pick up on before. The rest of the tracks are coming out individually over this month with the final EP Release on the 25th.

Any shows coming up?

We have our official EP Launch this Saturday at Geisha which we’re really excited about. Every time there’s drum'n'bass in that place it goes absolutely mental, and the crew that’s playing alongside us insane. Other than that, we’re keen to string some shows together after the release of the EP. We would love to get back to New Zealand at the end of the year, we had so much fun last time.

flowidus arrival ep launch

What’s the rest of the year have in store?

At this point just keep writing music, we’re in the final mix down stages of the release to come after the EP. Both Garo and I are lucky in that we are self-employed and will basically drop everything if one of us has a good idea and needs to get in the studio with it asap! We have a remix coming out that we’re pretty excited about. Other than that, keen to keep busy.

Where can we hear more of your music?

You can find all our latest music on our WEBSITE, otherwise Spotify and Soundcloud work.


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