Listen: Pretty Girl - One Night, One Time EP

Listen: Pretty Girl - One Night, One Time EP

Melbourne-based producer & vocalist unveils her new EP of deep & atmospheric genre-fusing dance music

Image credit: Nick Astanei

After a string of dope singles, Naarm-based producer, vocalist and DJ Pretty Girl continues her rise with new EP One Night, One Time, out now via Mall Grab’s Steel City Dance Discs!

From UK Garage to big, bassy house and syncopated electro, Pretty Girl effortlessly fuses vibes across the EP’s 7 tracks while putting more emphasis on her vocals to great effect. The result is a deep & emotional collection of addictive electronic sounds.

Speaking on the EP, Pretty Girl explains: “In December 2021 I was writing some lyrics and ended up singing “maybe just one night, one time” over and over. That line resonated in a way that the previous year’s worth of demos hadn’t. It felt hopeful, electric, looking forward. I pushed through all of 2022 to put this EP together while life felt so busy and out of control. 12 months of work to capture life after the pandemic- new experiences, new heartbreaks, new perspective, new energy, new challenges.”

Pretty Girl's new EP One Night, One Time is out now via Steel City Dance Discs / LG105 / Virgin Music Australia

One Night One Time

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