Introducing Water Park and their blissfully chill new single, Something Like Chaos

Introducing Water Park and their blissfully chill new single, Something Like Chaos

The Adelaide two-piece are supporting Running Touch on his upcoming EP tour.

Originally Geelong-based, Water Park are now based in Adelaide and making some lush music. Starting out as a duo playing covers at bars and weddings, they're about to support Running Touch at CATS in Adelaide on May 5 (info HERE). And given this news, along with fantastic new single, Something Like Chaos, we figured its time to get to know 'em:

Tell us about yourselves?

Bri moved to Geelong for Uni, I had grown up there, and we met working in a bar together. We randomly jammed one night and ended up getting a weekly gig at a bar playing acoustic covers. After moving to Adelaide we got drunk one night and ended up writing our first original, Howling Owl. Water Park was born and in between me finishing my study and Bri working fulltime at Sportsgirl we keep making tunes and playing gigs. However outside of music or work, we are just your basic hipster wankers who love craft beer, finding sweet treats at Savers and playing cards at pubs. We love the footy and hosting dinners and love going to local gigs.

What kinda music we talking?

I take heavy influences in my production from Petit Biscuit, Yoste and Lucas V. Bri delves more into the Daughter, Vallis Alps and The Kite String Tangle influences lyrically which has helped her create a really unique style of writing. The final product is usually then a mashup of both these personal styles, which is probably why we always get labeled as “dream pop”, which I hadn’t really heard of before.

Production/Writing Process: I (Tom) usually start off with an idea of a track. I’ll work on something for a couple of hours and get a verse/chorus going which I will then bring to Bri. Bri is definitely the lyricist of the two of us, whether penning to a track I’ve shown her or bringing me her writings that she wants us to use for a song. Even though we both contribute to each song, there is always someone who guides its main direction, so working together to compromise our completely different styles is key, which we seemed to learn the hard way (joking, but kinda serious).

Can you tell us about your latest single, Something Like Chaos?

It is the first track of our next EP. It was slightly different this time in its coming about. I had finished a track and showed it to Bri who had actually penned some lyrics the night before and they just happened to fit together perfectly. Creating a quiet irony between the melody and the lyrics, it touches on personal experiences of anxiety and the battle between the inner chaos and panic it causes, against a pressure to present a state of calm to the rest of the world and the loneliness that it creates.

What’s the rest of the year have in store?

Our main focus for the rest of the year will be finishing up our second EP and trying to play as many shows as possible. We are really enjoying working with different artists and learning from more experienced musicians. You will definitely be seeing our vocals pop in a couple more features by the end of this year which we are really excited to a part of.

Where can we hear more of your music?

All of our music is available on SPOTIFY, Itunes and SOUNDCLOUD.

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