Introducing the dreamy indie-electronic sounds of SŸDE

Introducing the dreamy indie-electronic sounds of SŸDE

The just-turned-18-year-olds just released new single Above The Clouds feat. Olivia Reid.

Together Will Hyde and Mitch Stephens form SŸDE, an indie-electronic duo who only just finished their high school exams. They've spent much of this year working with a heap of different artists and garnering a shedload of fans on teh back of debut single Orbit feat. ASHE. Consider them something of a young Australian version of Milky Chance, with different vocalists each time, and an incredibly bright future ahead. Mitch took some time to answer a few questions for us below, which you can check out along with the above-mentioned single plus latest release, Above The Clouds feat. Olivia Reid.

Tell us about about yourselves?

We’re two teenagers from Melbourne, both 18 and we just finished exams for year 12, so we’ve now graduated from high school. Will and I spend most of our time in the studio, otherwise you’ll find us hanging out with mates or playing sport.

What kinda tunes we talkin’?

We make acoustic, electronic music, with generally easy going vibes. The type of music you’d play travelling down the coast.

Production/writing process:

The writing process for every track is different and pretty flexible, we always try to change up how we write so we never get bored in the creative process. Usually an idea will stem from one of us and then we’ll come together when it’s at a certain point to take it to something we’d release.

From there, once we have a bunch of more or less complete concepts, we’ll choose the instrumentals, which we think fit SŸDE best. After that, we spend time looking for vocalists on YouTube, we listen to hundreds of tracks and we’ll start messaging the vocalists who we think would be a fit for those instrumentals. That part of the process is really important to us as well as it means we stay in control of A&Ring our vocalists and working on the lyrics/melodies. We also get to meet really cool singers/writers in the process.

Can you tell us about your new single, Above The Clouds feat. Olivia Reid? 

Above The Clouds is an easy going record with a loose track arrangement. The lyrics and message behind the track is about keeping your head up and not worrying about any judgement or boundaries that stop you from doing what you want to do in life.

Any shows coming up?

Currently, no! We’re focusing on finishing a large catalogue of releases currently and getting our live show rehearsals started. But we will definitely be aiming to start touring early next year.

What’s the rest of the year have in store?

For the rest of the year, we’re planning on posting a lot of creative content on our socials and dedicating more time to finishing off all of our records. Now that we are out of school, we’re going to have a lot of time dedicated to getting everything we’re posting more creative! Which we’re excited to show off to people in the coming months. But definitely a lot of studio time and finishing off ideas.

Where can we hear more of your music?

You can hear our music on Spotify or triple j Unearthed, as well as Soundcloud!


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