Meet Polo & Pan, an electronic duo celebrating the French language

Meet Polo & Pan, an electronic duo celebrating the French language

They've just released a deluxe edition of their debut album Caravelle, which includes extra tracks and a remix from Superorganism.

It's no secret that the French are masterminds when it comes to electronic music. From the incredibly influential names of Justice and Daft Punk through to acts like Madeon and Brodinski, no matter what electronic sub-genre the French tackle, they turn into a masterclass - doing things which even decades later are unmatched by those in competing regions. Polo & Pan are a relatively new duo out of this scene but they work in much the same way, creating expansive and cinematic landscapes full of playful melodies and creative sampling on their debut album Caravelle. Rereleased in a deluxe version last month with more tracks and a remix of Plage Isolée by recent Australian travellers Superorganism, Caravelle showcases their unique approach to electronic music perfectly, with influences in Giorgio Moroder and LCD Soundsystem meeting others like The Wizard Of Oz and Willy Wonka through their animated productions filled with sampling and vocals - both that of their own and guests.

The sensational thing about Polo & Pan's music is that it can transport you literally anywhere. Bird samples and organic instrumentation will pick you up and drop you off in the Amazon in some of their work, while in others, saccharine sweet melodies and playful vocals will throw you into the fictional worlds of Willy Wonka or Alice In Wonderland - Polo & Pan's unique approach to production will, in a sense, push you into realms you wish you could explore. "It was an excuse to go to different locations," Paul Armand-Delille of the duo says. "We’d never been to Brazil, but we imagined what it would be like, and it was like a game to travel with Caravelle." Their love of Disney films help too, Armand-Delille confirms. "Disney is an obsession for us in a lot of ways, because it’s about childhood and also that idea of new legends, and of course the aesthetics are genius."

However, no matter where Polo & Pan may take you on Caravelle, one thing is for certain - it'll always have a French touch. Unlike many other French musicians and producers, Polo & Pan are proud of their French heritage, and have no plans on Americanising themselves like others have to find better fame overseas than in their home country. "A lot of other great artists don’t celebrate the French language, and we decided we wanted to use it because it is musical," says Alexandre Grynszpan, the other half of Polo & Pan. "Maybe it’s harder to be more ‘worldwide’, but it was really important for us to talk French in the project."

With the deluxe edition of Caravelle out now - stream it below or buy it HERE - and Polo & Pan currently tearing it up overseas, it probably won't be long until we see these guys on Australian shores, so make sure you get a head start and get around 'em now:

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