In The Booth: Seven Davis Jr.

In The Booth: Seven Davis Jr.

Ahead of his voyage to Australia, LA's prince of raw house selects some sizzlers.

A 'modern-day disco alchemist' is what they're calling Houston raised, LA-based producer, DJ and vocalist Seven Davis Jr. Jump into one of his tasty mixes (like maybe this FACT Mag one, or this one for the don Gilles Peterson) and you’ll see exactly why - SDJ combines all sorts of bumpin’ house, disco and future-soul together, in a propulsive, well-paced way that not only gets bodies moving, but teems with personality. As well as being a mad-good DJ, he's a white-hot producer: this year he released his first album Universes, an offering both electronic and futuristic, yet timeless and soulful. 

Sausages won’t be the only thing sizzling on Boxing Day in Perth; as the Ninja Tune Records signee rolls into Northbridge's Flyrite for a sunset set, armed with a set of heat-warped house and disco grooves, sure to include plenty of Seven Davis’ own original specials. Did we mention he’s a classically trained gospel and soul singer? Wait ‘til he gets on the mic – it’s beautiful. Shake off your family (or hell, bring ‘em along – Aunty Sue loves herself a bit of early Detroit vibes, right?) and head to Flyrite from 3pm (tickets HERE). Be ready to get-down. Brisbane - catch Seven Davis Jr at the Kush Club on Sunday 27 (tickets HERE), and on New Year's Day, Davis Jr plays Let Them Eat Cake Festival in Melbourne (tickets HERE), before hitting The Chippendale (register for guestlist here). Ahead of his touching down in Australia this week, Seven Davis Jr guided Pilerats through a typical night on the decks when he’s running things. Over to you, SDJ: 

What track are we opening up with?

It depends on the vibe - mine and the event. 

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You’ve discovered something great recently but haven’t played it out just yet, you decide to throw it in early, why not! What is it?

If I tell you, others will play it out before I do. :)

You’re miles away from home and you want to show some love for your hometown. Which friend’s work are you gonna play? 

I play my friends tracks in all my DJ Sets, always. To name a few, Funkineven, Osunlade, Moodymann and etc.

You’ve created the perfect environment and you’ve got ‘em now, what’s the track you’ll play that shows off how deep your taste goes?

Never show off, only vibe. Usually at that point play tracks from the past that first made me fall in love with House. Artists like Mark Farina, Kenny Dope, Green Velvet.

Energy levels are waning slightly, what’s a fail safe pick me up – either for yourself, or the crowd?

To me it’s stops being fun if I have to babysit the room. I’ve played a hot track in one city that went wild, then seen that same track in another city, the next night, clear the floor. So I just keep myself up and hopefully people vibe with me. 

The audience are very well-oiled, now it’s time to see them MOVE. What track is going to get everyone losing their inhibitions?

Again, you never know what people are going to do, so I just play stuff that makes me move. Being a past professional dancer, I have a good connection with tracks that get people grooving thankfully.

We’re on the home stretch and you can do no wrong, perfect time to test out a brand new original production you’ve been working on – what are you going to throw out there?

Something from my Dancing On The Sun EP - releasing in 2016 on Ninja Tune.

Good night all and thanks for coming – what track are you going to leave everyone going home in a good mood with?

If it’s for sure the last track and no more tracks can be snuck in (insert smiley face wink here)… then I like to play something totally unexpected, some funk downtempo or classic house or disco track. In the past I’ve closed my sets with Paul McCartney & Wings, Missy Elliott, etc. In Australia & NZ I’ll probably try to get in some Jordan Rakei or Electric Wire Hustle, cause I've got love for them and I’ll be in their homeland. 

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