Meet Sydney's Moody Beach and her electrifying debut EP

Meet Sydney's Moody Beach and her electrifying debut EP

The Sydney newcomer's self-titled debut EP is out now, and it's bloody great if you ask us.

Hailing from the creative den that is Sydney, Moody Beach is a rather new name to the Australian electronic world, but her music sounds like she's got years more experience than anyone else in the game right now. On her four-track debut EP Moody Beach (out through Personal Best Records), she shines like a star, dazzling with a hypnotic, electronically-charged indie-R&B sound which both unique and impressive. Currently building her new live show with a heap of potential tour dates to come, we got the low-down on the EP's four singles by Moody Beach herself, detailing the collaboration and stories which make each single as brilliant as they are.


This was the first track finished off the EP. It was also the first time Carl Fox (producer) and I tried stripping out the rhythm guitar completely to let the bass and vocals drive the song. It’s about that time a boyfriend suggested he was better suited to a girl that was more ‘vanilla’ than me. I wouldn’t say it’s written from a bad place though, I was more laughing at the situation. I’m laughing at most situations.

All I Do

The lyrics to All I Do make it seem more political than what I had intended. But they feel right to me, and I don’t argue with that. I was watching YouTubesone night and couldn’t stop clicking on all these America-focused documentaries. Like those actions, you know you don’t really want to follow through with but can’t stop doing them at the same time. I knew I wanted to keep this song short and have the lead sounding very Joey Santiago-ish. I’d say we did that.

I Should Exercise

I Should Exercise is the oldest song on the EP. I had a semi-mental breakdown finishing this one. Pretty sure there were a few points where Carl would turn around and I’d just have my head in my hands… So we used some samples to fill out the spaces after the phrases. That’s what I have the most fun with in the studio, playing with different sounds and ideas. I wrote the song while I was in a rut but too lazy to do anything to make myself feel better. Classic.


Ah, to be in love. Hawaii was my first love song. It’s about my first big love. I wrote it while I was in Adelaide and he was away. The lyrics are the most sentimental to me. I was learning an Elvis song and when I had a break, Hawaii happened. We tried recording this with big drums first and considered using a hip hop beat. Both felt like overkill so we left without. Reminds me of being at Semaphore beach in Adelaide, sitting in the sand, facing the water, having a time. I hope it sounds beach-y to other peoples’ ears.

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