Flume and Reo Cragun team up for new collab EP, Quits

Flume and Reo Cragun team up for new collab EP, Quits

After joining forces for Friends earlier this year, the pairing are back with a larger collection of tracks.

2019 is quickly turning into the year of Flume - again. After surprise-releasing a hyper-experimental and collaboration-heavy collection of tracks titled Hi This Is Flume - a long-winding mixtape designed to played start to finish - he's since shared two new singles that feel like the opening of a new chapter, Friends, featuring rising force Reo Cragun, and Let You Know, featuring London Grammar's Hannah Reid. While the second one feels like a pop-centric moment that sits somewhere between Skin's noted accessibility and Hi This Is Flume's drive for experimentation, Friends felt like something completely new, injecting a heavy hip-hope edge to an otherwise quite distinctly Flume sound.

While some thought it was a one-off throwaway track that didn't quite fit in the left-field-ness of Hi This Is Flume's snapping percussion and warped bass kicks, it turns out that the track is a part of a bigger collection titled Quits, which with its release today, welcomes another two tracks to the Flume and Reo Cragun partnership. With its opening title-track and a second song, Levitate, thrown into the mix, you get the sense that this partnership is one that'll stretch the boundaries of this hip-hop/electronic intersection, with Cragun capable of not just adapting - but triumphing above - to whatever production Flume throws at him, as the man himself explains: "Reo’s got a great ability to adapt to whatever’s going on musically. Whether it’s something on the slower side or something high energy he’s able to complement and engage with it in a way that's quite unique," he says. "From the first session, we were having fun and the music was good so we kept going. It's a friendship as well. We’re friends outside of the studio so it's just natural and fun to work together."

"Working with Harley is always amazing because of his creative abilities. He does such a great job of getting whatever he hears inside of his brain written out into Ableton. The first time we were in a session together we immediately clicked," Cragun adds on the partnership and the three-track EP that came from it. "Around the start of us hanging out he had these crazy fast scooters that took us around his neighbourhood during our session breaks. He was building his studio at the time so we would pop in over there and use our imaginations to construct what was to come. It was so inspiring."

Check out the release below, and catch Flume headline this year's Listen Out Festival - more information HERE.

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