Exclusive: Crooked Colours take us behind-the-scenes of their vid for Love Language

Exclusive: Crooked Colours take us behind-the-scenes of their vid for Love Language

The WA electronic favourites have also announced Arno Faraji and Reija Lee as the support acts for their forthcoming Perth show.

As West Australia's venues re-open after a six-month-long drought due to coronavirus restrictions, we've picked up the pace big-time. WA favourites Crooked Colours have been quick to jump back into things, joining the WA Unlocked celebrations - it was the first major-capacity Perth show since late-March's closures - amongst other gigs here and there, as well as the release of their first major single following the release of their brilliant Langata record last year, which placed the trio back into the forefront of Australia's electronic scene after a not-so-long break following their second album's release.

They're keeping it going throughout the rest of the year too, making the most of what's left of 2020 following the release of Love Language, which was one hell of a return for the trio. Released at the tail-end of August, the song is a shimmering three-minutes of indulgently rich dance-pop that keeps Crooked Colours' consistency central to their work, ushering in an extension of what was shown on Langata - a further embrace of the trio's warm and wind-swept electronica, often guided by the soothing vocals of frontman Phil Slabber (who, amongst the craziness of it all, also launched a solo project titled ZOLLY).

The single came with an official video clip directed by Perth heavyweight Matsu; a bright companion to the single's sun-soaked vibe that really doubled down on the colourful core of Crooked Colours' work, even when its at its most intimate and subtle as it is on Love Language. Today, we're welcoming a behind-the-scenes video clip that takes you into the video's creation, with the band - joined by Matsu - diving deep (literally, much of the behind-the-scenes video focuses on the underwater shots) into the video clip's birth, and what goes on behind the scenes of such an intricate and brilliant video piece.

"The music video for the track Love Language is a visual journey on the path to self-discovery, maturity and the beauty of further learning about who you are through the union of a partner expressed via movement by dancers Lilly King and Tobias Wolinski," Matsu says, doubling down on the themes brought through the single's lyrics too, as the band explained with its release: "This song is about the different ways in which we communicate our love for each other. How special it is to find someone that speaks the same love language as you. It's a celebration of the uniqueness of relationships."

The behind-the-scenes video also comes with a few shots captioned by Crooked Colours which you can take a dive into below, alongside news that their forthcoming show at CENTENARY. on October 23rd will also feature Arno Faraji and Reija Lee, jumping up as the show aims to spotlight the brilliant talent of West Australia after a bit of a drought when it comes to live shows. You can get more information and tickets on the show here, but in the meantime, take a dive into the video and the shots below:

crooked colours bts 1

The lighting rig set up by Josh McCauliffe from Beamhacker was so impressive that we're looking to incorporate it into our next live show at Centenary Warehouse in Perth. - Phil Slabber

crooked colours bts 2

It was such an enjoyable experience working with Matsu's crew. Incredibly professional. One very notable moment of comedy was constantly setting off the smoke alarms in the warehouse. Would love to release the audio one day of the noise that would accompany some of those scenes. - Liam Merrett-Park

crooked colours bts 3

This was the music video we have always wanted to create. It's great to feature a live element into the creative and couldn't be happier with the results. - Leon De Baughn.

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