Bonobo and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs announce new project, drop song

Bonobo and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs announce new project, drop song

The first of the two songs, titled Heartbreak, is out now through Bonobo's newly-minted label, OUTLIER.

It's difficult to find a musician with such a consistent grace as Bonobo. The English musician has long been a defining name of dance music's outer edges since his debut back in 2000, and everything he's done following that has seemed to encapsulate his forward-thinking prowess - something that alongside peers and contemporaries such as Caribou and Four Tet, is responsible for the global popularisation of an entire, subtle electronic niche. His recently re-issued Dial M for Monkey record from 2003 is world-class; 2010's Black Sands is often associated as one of electronic's peaks (same with 2013's The North Borders), and 2017's Migration holds strong some three years later, a stand-out amongst a year of stand-outs in electronica.

Last year, he continued his trend as forward-thinking figure in electronica by putting out a DJ mix for London institution fabric - which included snapshots of new music, too - and in 2020, he's furthering himself beyond the realms of just his own music, minting a newly-debuting record label imprint titled OUTLIER. Formed in partnership with his long-time home at Ninja Tune, the label is a home to Bonobo's more club-centric and experimental work, whether it be through a physical presence within club culture prior to coronavirus' impact on the space, or through recordings such as the debut 12" premiering today.

Today, we're stoked to welcome Bonobo's first major single for the year to launch OUTLIER; a partnership with close friend and collaborator Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (T.E.E.D.) that will span a 12" record releasing this November 13th, featuring two singles carved out of a period of collaboration between the two. The first - titled Heartbreak - debuts today, and it's a single firmly-footed in the club-centric electronica built from Bonobo's earliest work (and often hinted or suggested at in his work following); heavy with thick percussion and sampling as he shares an ode for dance music's foundations, and how it extends through to current-day.

It's a brilliant track that really stands out from the depths of Bonobo's discography, taking the shimmering subtleness that's come to somewhat define his sound in the past and turning it up to its most maximalist and disco ball-lit. It's somewhat trademark for T.E.E.D. - whose comparatively small, but golden discography spans from club-ready dance right through to touching ambience - and when that's brought together with Bonobo's signature richness, the end result is really quite brilliant. "Orlando (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs) was playing me a fairly stripped back idea he had for something last year," says Bonobo on the track. "We spent a few afternoons in his studio trying ideas out and eventually, Heartbreak was the end result."

The single with arrive alongside the second track - titled 6,000 Ft. - on November 13th, via OUTLIER / Ninja Tune / Inertia Music. In the meantime, saddle up and take a dive into Heartbreak below - it's quite an adventure.

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