EP Walkthru: Nervian Society - Ducpétiauxlaan

EP Walkthru: Nervian Society - Ducpétiauxlaan

Brussels-based genre-fusing electronic group talk us through their new EP of electro, Italo-disco and house flavours

Inspired by their love of glittering electro and deep disco are Brussels-based Nervian Society. Having founded Spector Studios in Brussels where they record and produce music, as well as collaborating with a range of artists, the next step was to form the Society.

A project based around talented guests, Nervian Society’s new EP Ducpétiauxlaan sees the producers and DJs teaming up with a number of guest vocalists, including Flavia Clementi and Mien Heyvaert across a number of sleek, sexy and very danceable compositions.

To get to know Ducpétiauxlaan a little better, Nervian Society were kind enough to take us through the release track by track - have a listen and read below!

Elegant Ride On:

At the origin, I wanted to create a song in the atmosphere of Candi Staton - Hallelujah Anyway, with a religious chord progression, specific to contemplation and dance. I programmed all of this in the old mpc 60 Akai, the pads and the arpeggiators are monophonic and played on the Korg Trident (from 1980). It was then necessary to recreate a false stereo to widen the space, there are also layers of virtual synth "Serum" which add a languorous sweetness and some riffs and bass with our modular (D&D modules). Having no singer available in the studio, I’ve recorded the "ride on, ride on" voice melody and asked a friend who is a painter to do the voice dubbing. After a few edits, I’ve sent it all into the H3000 harmonizer and voila. This was the fastest production on the EP. "Ride on" also means that to move forward you have to ride: ride the problems of life, love and creation.

In Love With A Movie Star :

The organ riff sounded a bit devilish, and the idea was to make an electro-dance blues track with Flavia and her voice from another era. Mien does the backing vocals and everything was produced in the Elektron Octatrack and mixed in Protools. The title is a nod to the title of The Passions’ track "I'm in love with a German film star".

Lie To You :

The song is built around the rave party-style acid bass, with this mantra “Baby will I lie to you, I'll never try to make you cry”. Our friend Thomas VB brought a verse, Mien sings the lead parts and I do a little part during the bridge. To be completely honest, this was definitely the most challenging track to finish on the EP and we struggled to make it sound good! But we’re pretty happy with how it turned out.

She Was A Summer Day:

A Glitter Disco rhythm, an 80's vibe, a forgotten summer feeling. I was a farmer's son, spending my summertime working at the farm, and so the text is about those tanned girls on vacation I was seeing in their parents' car when I was hauling straw in my very slow tractor, causing traffic jams. Teenage frustration.


The desire to make a positive track that sounds like summer was a long production process with many doubts and self-examination. The Italo disco bass had to be redone 10 times, as well as the strings of the chorus and there were at least 15 mixes. We did the writing all together with Mien and D&D. Sometimes it hurts to try to make people feel good!

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