Premiere: Teischa covers Frank Ocean and Alicia Keys in new live video

Premiere: Teischa covers Frank Ocean and Alicia Keys in new live video

The Perth-based musician recently shared her latest mixtape, momentary, earlier this month.

It's difficult to find a musician quite like Teischa. Over the last three years, the Perth-based musician has become somewhat synonymous with the brightness of West Australia's next generation; her intricate combination of soulful pop, detailed electronica and rich, butter-y R&B proving a constant, go-to favourite both in recording - since sharing her debut, self-titled EP in 2017, every track she's put out since has strived for A-tier consistency - and on the live stage, where her vocals swell and swirl amongst the walls of the venues she plays.

How Teischa unites these sounds to create her own music felt really visible with her debut mixtape momentary, which arrived earlier this April after a string of singles that ushered her back into the spotlight in the twelve months prior. Over eight tracks, Teischa brought together productions that intertwine percussive electronica and comforting R&B to create something in between, while her vocal - which also stems heavily from R&B, but also features moments plucked from pop too - swirls in and out; the crossroads of sounds meeting at a place that's distinctly Teischa, and incredibly good.

"[momentary] a raw and real insight into my life over the last two years," she said on the mixtape with its release, which was produced alongside Lucianblomkamp (6LACK), Konstantin Kersting (Tones & I), Sam Sakr (Dua Lipa) and Carl Dimataga (Khalid). "2019, especially, was a bit of a smack in the face. I was feeling constantly knocked down, misunderstood, lonely and lost, so I hibernated and made music while dealing with the most challenging personal situations I’ve encountered."

Revisiting her mixtape, it's evident that two musicians Teischa takes a lot of influence from are Frank Ocean and Alicia Keys; their masterful spins on R&B feeling just as potent as hers, albeit hers featuring a distinctly Australian and unique twist. Now, filmed "in a Coles carpark" with her little brother, we see Teischa give a nod to these influential names, uniting their tracks for a warm three-minutes that highlight the strengths in Teischa's vocal, and how it feels even stronger when played out in a somewhat live setting.

The cover takes Frank Ocean's Nostalgia, Ultra highlight Swim Good and moulds it together with Alicia Keys' 2010 delight Un-thinkable, finding the R&B backbone that's obviously prevalent in both of these tracks, and using it as a central stem for her combination to base itself off, weaving in and out as her vocals take centre stage. It's something really quite remarkable and something that really showcases Teischa at her best, so it's definitely worth diving into below (as well as her momentary mixtape, which if you haven't dived into already, should definitely be on your radar).

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