Bilby & Yon Yonson interview each other ahead of the former's Shade album launch party

Bilby & Yon Yonson interview each other ahead of the former's Shade album launch party

The show hits Waywards on December 20.

To celebrate the release of his excellent debut album Shade from earlier this year, bad boy Bilby will be celebratign with an extravagant launch party at Waywards in Sydney on December 20. There he'll be joined by a selection of fellow forward-thinkers dabbling across a variety of genres including electronic, hip hop, indie and pop for what's shaping up to be a very tasty little pre-Christmas treat indeed.

To mark the occasion, Bilby and Yon Yonson got chatting for what is easily one of the most entertaining interviews we've had the pleasure of hosting in a very long while. Enjoy it below, and get more info on that album launch party via the Facebook EVENT.


Yon Yonson: Rank your top five native Australian animals (excluding the bilby of course):


1. Skippy the bush kangaroo

2. The Blue Tongue Lizard from that scene in Picnic at Hanging Rock (great performance).

3. That cockatoo drinking the VB

4. Crag

5. Harvie Krumpet

If you could choose any band or artist (past or present) to start a small business with, who would it be and what do you sell?

Hey guys, great question. Always been a dream of mine to fill vacant Video Ezy’s and Civic Videos with european rug ‘closing down’ sales in collaboration with System of a Down.

Let's say you quit the rap game and hit the big time as an EDM producer. What's your DJ name and what's the name of your biggest hit?

DJ Henry The Octopus - Wiggle ft. Dorothy (Wags The Dog Edit), and I’m like, in the suit and everything and doing crazy drops and Cptn. Feathersword is my hype man and the shows are all ages until a baggy falls out of the Cptn.s’ pocket mid-chorus and we hit rock bottom and end up on 60 minutes.

In honour of your new album Shade... throw shade at someone. (Can be a public figure or just some jerk from your personal life).

Damn guys. Such a harsh question from a gentle band. I’m going to throw shade at you guys (jerks in my personal life) for trying to bring the demons out of lil’ bilby blinky trill. It’s ok, we’ll talk it out and move forward, singing interludes that sound like intros to what should have been proper songs...

Would you rather have perfect steak for life but it always comes with purple lettuce or no more purple lettuce but the steaks always slightly overdone?

W.O.W. Awesome question - I think I’d prefer this as an instagram story poll but I’ll answer it here anyway. It’s definitely the former. I can forgive PL #fuckpurplelettuce as a side (and spit it out). But you over cook my steak? I’m whippin out the spells, u gettin’ the bilby curse #therarereview

What is the ideal drink pairing for each track on Shade?

Very on topic and relevant to my interests, thank you.

Heath Track Intro - A nice Tasmanian sparkling.

Proceed - A shot of Gin.

November Nights - Chardonnay (oaky as FUCK) or unoaked if you are a weak person who doesn’t like stuff.

Polar - Cool climate shiraz, preferably Australian.

Like I Told Ya - Beers...dark ones.

Dead Ringers - Campari and Tonic on ice (my personal favorite for the making of this record).

Shade - A cup of coffee that I made you xoxo

Turtle Boy - Tap water.

Stay For A While - Port or Muscat.

Concrete Hell - Gladys Berejiklians tears.


Bilby: Which internet video do you think most accurately describes you band? Or which internet video do you WISH described Yon Yonson?

Yon Yonson: Definitely the cat that says Yon Yonson:

If all three of you did the whole Powerangers-super-robot-transformation thing who would drive each part? Who would be the head? Who would be the arms? Butt? etc - and why?

It's funny you should ask that because we actually do have the ability to combine into a super robot known as the Megayon and it's the most powerful force in the Australian music industry. All three of us control the heart of the Megayon because we’re fiercely passionate and love our fans!

Could all three of you please let me know your favourite and least favourite Pokemon? (You will be judged heavily depending on your answers.)

Andrew: Diglett

Nathan: Bellsprout

Rick: Tangela

None of us like Charizard because it’s cowardly to win fights just by being strong and powerful and objectively good. Pokemon is supposed to be about tactics and never ever giving up.

What is the ideal date for Yon Yonson? You can answer collectively or as individuals.

We don’t want to give away ALL our secrets… But when it comes to matters of the heart we all enjoy being serenaded with songs of the old country. Plus KFC.

Could all three of you please let me know your favourite type of cheese? (You will be judged heavily depending on your answers.)

Andrew: Brillat-Savarin.

Nathan: Parmesan cheese is my favourite food don’t @me. Only Parmigiano-Reggiano though..

Rick: Gorgonzola or anything blue.

Ok, huge question: you, as a band, have to cover and release one album by any artist ever, in full. What would it be? And what would the single be?

This is a tough one but we’d have to go with a punk version of 50 Cent’s seminal Get Rich or Die Tryin. The single would be 21 Questions (for our corporate overlords).

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