Tour Diary: cln

Tour Diary: cln

Our At The Pile #4 guest looks back on his recent tour.

Tomorrow night sees the fourth in our At The Pile series take over new venue Jack Rabbit Slim's with an all star live electronic lineup featuring Panama, Jia Lih, Flower Drums, Jamyang and an electronic artists we've been vibing for a long time now - cln. The Brisbane-based producer recently released a beautiful new EP, and went on tour to celebrate, and we asked him to document those shows for us with some photos and words. Click the poster below to go to the event, and check out how the Found EP tour has been thus far.

Header photo by Aleksander Jason.



Show One – TBC Club, Brisbane (w/Elizabeth Rose)

My hometown show was probably the biggest crowd I’ve played to for a headline show, and was easily my favourite show of the tour. I’m not really used to people knowing who I am/knowing my songs when I play shows. A lot of my shows previously have been support slots or at clubs where people are just there regardless of who is playing. The TBC show was probably one of the first shows where I felt like there was a bunch of people there to see me, which was really cool. I also managed to tick writing my name on a green room wall off my life to-do list.

cln tbc

Show Two – Cats @ Rocket Bar (w/UV boi)

I’ve played one show with Emmanuel (UV boi) before, and I really enjoy playing with him. He always packs out clubs and is just a really nice fun guy. The promoter at Cats, Adam is also a really good dude and took us out to dinner at a pretty fancy Japanese place with some other Adelaide people. I got to meet Tkay Maidza there which was cool, since she’s basically a celebrity now. I make a lot of heavy stuff in my free time, so club shows are stupidly fun since I get to play them out for 45 minutes and don’t have to worry about singing or anything.

cln cats

Show Three – Jam Gallery, Sydney

My Sydney show was on the same night as the sold out What So Not show and the afterparty at Meanwhile. So to be honest, I didn’t expect any people to turn up to see me at all. So I was super surprised and grateful when there were a decent amount of people there. It wasn’t a huge crowd, but it seemed like a fair few people were there to see me. I think playing for 40-50 people who are there to see you is a lot more rewarding than playing for 800 people who have no idea who you are.

cln jam friday

Show Four – Laundry Bar Melbourne (w/ Dugong Jr)

When I got to Melbourne, I arrived at my ‘hotel’ to find it was a pretty shady looking place at the top of a pub. They had a strict no check-in till 3pm policy so I had five hours or so to kill. I enjoy exploring national parks when I go to new places, so I caught an Uber to some wetland on the Yarra River to kill some time. It was super wet and rainy in Melbourne, so the paths were pretty muddy. Along a particularly slippery pathway next to the river I somehow managed to lose my footing. I fell and slid about five metres in the mud straight into the Yarra River. The problem then was, that I was in the middle of nowhere, with really wet, muddy clothes and still had to catch an Uber home. I managed to hide the worst of the mud by tying my jacket around my waist; but I’m pretty sure the Uber driver thought I was crazy. Just to add salt to the wound, he dropped me off at the wrong place, so I had to walk a kilometre or so through Melbourne’s CBD looking like a lunatic. Sounds crazy but 100% true story. Muddy pants photo for proof:

cln mud pants


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