September in WA Music: Noah Dillon, Teischa, Mali Jo$e + more

September in WA Music: Noah Dillon, Teischa, Mali Jo$e + more

Plus, new work from Flewnt and New Nausea.

The West Australian music scene has well and truly been shining in a lane of its own and its time we shed some light on the talented artists, making their name in and around Perth. Take a look at a few artists we are loving at the moment that are creating sounds that are cleverly defining WA’s music scene. 

Noah Dillon - Jersey St

While Noah Dillon has been a favourite in the WA live music space for a few years now, the past twelve months have seen him really step up. With a trio of brilliant singles so far this year - Holding OnDon't Act Like You Know Me and his latest, last week's Jersey St - his swirling indie-pop sound has become one of Perth's most treasured, making Noah an act teetering on the edge of a greater national break-out with every single he releases.

His latest, Jersey St, is a brilliant and beautiful moment that sees Noah Dillon's sound stripped back to its most raw and delicate - to start with - as he navigates the loss of a close relative through stripped-away guitar melodies and soft strings that intertwine itself with his delicate vocal. Then, in the single's last third, it opens up with newfound energy and passion, the gentle guitars increased ten-fold as his rock-ier side comes out, which we embrace with open arms - even when it unexpectedly slaps us in the face like it does on Jersey St.

Teischa - not a sad song

Much like Noah Dillon before her, Teischa is a musician who isn't new to WA's live music scene - having been an active member for the past few years or so - but 2019 has seen her evolve and grow to newfound levels we're really excited to see. Bookmarked by this year's double-side return, hotel pool/we try, followed up with another double A-side, not a sad song/something.mp3, the WA musician is on a roll at the moment, exploring a glitchier side to his soul-pop sound that doesn't seem to be slowing down at all.

Not a sad song is the better of her latest two tracks, diffusing a fading personal situation as she vocal sways with a soft groove amplified by LUCIANBLOMKAMP's expert production underneath, which adds to Teischa's gentle rhythms with its shattering percussion and warped, glitching piano melodies. "This track was born out of experiencing lots of change in my life so my music naturally started to take that energy on," she says on the track and you can hear her attempt to navigate that on not a sad song - a sign that the single does something really, really great.

Mali Jo$e - HAND IN HAND

Mali Jo$e is a musician not content on slowing down. After introducing ourselves to him with his July-released single Mistakes - arriving in the midst of him becoming a finalist in this year's triple j Unearthed competition - the rising rapper has seemingly gone from strength to strength, playing shows with Arno Faraji - a fellow Perth break-out in the rap world - while working on what's next.

His latest track HAND IN HAND isn't anything official - it's uploaded with a 'demo' tag, for example - but it's a touch of insight into what Mali Jo$e is working on next, who armed with producer OJC43 (Oskar Johns Carpenter), has a future boundless within genres and sounds. HAND IN HAND is something a touch softer than what he's released so far, exploring a shadowy sound that broods with this sense of darkness, built upon by Oskar's lush production and Mali's rich verses. It's a step in the right direction, and we can't wait to see where he continues to go in the months ahead.

Flewnt - Black Boy feat. Emily Wurramara

Flewnt is a bit of a newer name to the Australian hip-hop world, but he's one making a quick impression. Since last year's debut single Kya Kyana, the indigenous WA rapper has worked with two of R&B's brightest minds - Jamilla and Emily Wurrama - for two tracks that exemplify his ongoing brilliance for an act at the beginnings of a larger, national career; noted by Children of the Files and Black Boy particularly in September.

Black Boy is the better of the two - although they're both incredible highlights - with Emily Wurrama and Flewnt's distinct sounds finding the perfect meeting place on the single; a dedication for the "black boys and girls," he says, as he speaks on "growing up disadvantaged and striving to overcome hardship." With a sound just as empowering and uplifting as its theme, Black Boy sees Flewnt rise to a new level - a new level we're so incredibly excited to see.

New Nausea - Bright Bloody Blue

Although technically arriving in mid-August, Bright Bloody Blue only really began to capture our attention at the tail-end of last month, and with it, brough us the perfect introduction to a group full of Australian music favourites with the potential to be something special. Compromising of members from Methyl Ethel, Calmly (FKA Childsaint) and jack-of-all-trades Jacob Diamond, New Nausea bring together some of Perth's brightest names for a group which as expected, is set to flourish - something their debut single together, Bright Bloody Blue, brings to attention from the get-go.

Bright Bloody Blue is a brilliant indie-folk sound that captures the group's shared interest with indie-pop a little left of centre, bringing the energy of acts like Parquet Courts with a raw authenticity that puts it in its own lane, exploring traditional sounds off-kilter with new energies and flavours. This is only the beginning and there's plenty more to come, but what a beginning it is.

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