The Love Junkies and Noah Dillon share their pub crawl playlists

The Love Junkies and Noah Dillon share their pub crawl playlists

The North Freo Pub Crawl kicks off on February 23 with Peter Bibby, CALMLY, Your Girl Pho and your playlist-makers, plus a whole heap more.

The North Freo Pub Crawl is an annual venue takeover of North Fremantle's two best locations - The Railway Hotel and The Swan Hotel - which highlights a whole heap of local Perth/Fremantle talent; last year featuring perennial headliners The Love Junkies and The Floors alongside FOAM, RAG N' BONE, Pat Chow, Jacob Diamond, Tanaya Harper and a whole collection of further Pilerats local favourites. This year is no different, with The Love Junkies back on board once again alongside Noah Dillon - who recently welcomed a new single into the world, Peter Bibby, CALMLY, Tanaya Harper, Your Girl Pho, Jack Davies & The Bush Chooks and a whole heap more, all taking over The Railway Hotel and The Swan Hotel on February 23rd.

To celebrate the yearly crawl, which you can get more info on HERE, we got this year's two headliners to have a bit of a chin-wag about pub crawls and what makes a good one, while also sharing their go-to, local-talent-spotlighting pub crawl playlist. Dive into it all below.

north freo pub crawl

Noah Dillon on Pub Crawls:

In your mind, what are the key ingredients for a great pub crawl?

I definitely think some breathable, yet supportive footwear, long trekking pants (with detachable lower leg addition) and a nice pair of sunglasses would be my first suggestion. I also believe it's critical to start a pub crawl with a rosé to get into that jolly crawl spirit. While crawling from bars, it's smart to bring a friend that's happy to hold hands and/or carry you across the road to avoid any mishaps. The final ingredient is bands, bands are fun. And friends.

Any pub crawl memories of your own you can remember well enough to share?

Although I just stated everything you should do I actually don't have that much real-life experience :/ The closest I've gotten is a Tour De Fridge where I rode around to people houses. But there were no bands and i was dressed as an astronaut. I'm sure astronaut suits are good for space but not so good for an very sweaty drunk bike rider.

Take us through some of the songs in the playlist and why they made the cut?

Cuss - Never Again

Cuss released this debut single at the end of 2018. Filled with Jangley guitars, big rhythms and the iconic vocal delivery of Lewis Rice O’Donnell, alternative country rock has never smelt so much like summer. A perfect song to listen to between pubs and in pubs and at home and in your car but mainly at pubs.

Peter Bibby - Hates My Boozing

A song that touches on the consequence of a pub crawl - combining alt-rock, country and folk into a spectacular Australian cocktail of story telling. Filled with a raw soundscape and a narrative thats as old as time this track is perfect for a Pub crawl.

Your Girl Pho - I Can't Take It

A classic bop by the queen of Electronic neo soul. This song will have you skipping between pubs, drinking a glass of bubbly and moving like you left your bones at home.

And which, in your mind, is the quintessential Pub Crawl track?

The Love Junkies - I Had A Party Once

Can you take us through each lineup you've curated and why you've picked 'em?

Your Girl Pho

I'm so excited to have the queen of electronic, neo-soul ‘Your Girl Pho’ joining us For the pub crawl. Fronted by power house Phoebe Gunson, the project had a massive 2018 supporting some of the biggest names going around. With thumping beats and massive hooks combined with Gunson’s on stage energy, its impossible to watch Your Girl Pho and not dance.

Jack Davies And The Bush Chooks

Jack Davies has forever been a huge inspiration on my song writing, fore fronting a new wave of honest, emotive folk song writing in Perth. Joined by 5 of the nicest Bush Chooks you'll ever meet this band is just one big dream boat that shouldn’t be missed!


Fraeya has an incredible style of writing combining relatable and literal story’s with deep metaphors and imagery. Full of feels, full of energy and with a vocal delivery that'll kick you in the guts Fraeya is going to take over the damn world!


Cuss blow my mind. Creating such a unique soundscape and delivery you know its come from within the incredible mind of front person Lewis Rice O’Donnell. It reminds me of a 21st century Bob Dylan with catchy hooks and squished into an Alternative rock formula. With enough passion to make you dance and make you cry.


Fronted by the creative mind of Isla Imogen, Izatang combines Jazz, Neo soul and story telling to create massive bops with huge instrumental flare. Its impossible not to fall into a deep trance watching this group twist and turn through the jungle of sounds they tie together.


Like watching rain tiptoe on a pond, Racoo are a soft, gentle folk machine that once in motion create a beautiful flow of noise. Releasing a debate album last year and capturing the love of the music scene Racoo have been a constant inspiration for myself.


Loud and unforgiving rock music meets the genius mind of Sam Rocchi. Cosy were one of the first live bands i saw turning 18 and instantly made me want to play. With souring vocal lines, huge rhythms and guitar sounds to shake your bones this is a band made to crawl (pub crawl not legit crawl).


Jangled out punk rock that makes me want to dance and run around in circles. Full of power with the duel vocals and guitar work of Sam Atkins and George Foster combining surf and punk rock into an all out ambush on your rational mind. Its freaky and i love it.

Man Sandal

Man Sandal are a young band full of songwriters and talented song smiths. Combining a few genres into their unique take on indie folk-rock - Im so stoked to have them on the line up and cant wait to see the waves they make in 2019.

What's on the cards for the rest of 2019?

Were going to go as crazy as we can this year and have a bunch lined up. We’re doing our first Australian tour in the middle of Feb to celebrate the release of our latest single Holding On and once we get back were going to start putting the final touches on a debut EP and keep looking to travel and gig with the material we put out!

The Love Junkies, on Pub Crawls:

In your mind, what are the key ingredients for a great pub crawl?

Good crew, I reckon. A selection of decent venues is also ideal, but if you have good company, then it doesn't really matter that much. A smoking section with a table and chairs and cheap beer is also pretty important.

Any pub crawl memories of your own you can remember well enough to share?

Hmmm, I'm too much of a tight ass to splurge on a big night of bar hopping. I'm more of a casual porch session kinda guy. Though, The Love Junkies have shared some pretty memorable moments at The Railway. Always a fun show and generally ends with a sunrise and a Bloody Mary somewhere in Freo.

Take us through some of the songs in the playlist and why they made the cut?

I picked a bunch of tracks from the bands who are playing on the night. I feel Bury Me from Calmly (under the name Childsaint on Spotify) makes me feel like swaying with a bottle and friends. It has a real Fuck It. Let's drink vibe. So does Nothing by DUMBLEACHERS. Borrowed State by COSY marks that sloppy point of the night was you find yourself wondering if home was a better option than another pint or whatever else it is you've thrown down your gullet. Maggots by Noah Dillon and Red Wine and Lemonade by Raccoo are the kick ons and come downs. Work For Assholes by Peter Bibby is looking at your bank account the following evening after momentary comatose. At Lunch by Your Girl Pho is Uber eats and streaming services. Graceless by Tanaya Harper is that wash of pre-sleep anxiety brought on by the brain beginning to buffer all the pixelated happenings of the night before.

And which, in your mind, is the quintessential Pub Crawl track?

Maybe Bury Me. That song's a vibe.

Can you take us through each lineup you've curated and why you've picked 'em?

There's been quite a few over the years and the selection process has never really followed any particular rule. We try to keep it interesting by having artists whom you wouldn't generally find together on a bill, though more often than not it ends up being a very guitar/band heavy gig. This year we have heaps of our friends' bands at The Railway. Erasers are a group I'm super keen on and am pretty stoked to have. Yomi Ship are also incredible. I guess heaps of friends and artists we admire make up the bill every year.

What's on the cards for the rest of 2019?

I think we'll be all working on our own projects for the most part. We spent so long focusing on The Love Junkies that we all kind of neglected other important things and in turn, burnt the band out. The focus for the moment is more so on the relationships within the band and just being buds again. I'm sure you'll hear more music from us at some point.

North Freo Pub Crawl Details: FACEBOOK / TICKETS 

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