Electric Feels: Our fave new electronic tunes this week

Electric Feels: Our fave new electronic tunes this week

Featuring both bright, new talent and those more experienced, this week's Electric Feels is full of goodies.

This past week has been all about the future. We dropped our guide on 2017’s most promising Australian electronic talent, which includes names such as HI LIFE, Third Floor and Annie Bass, and on top of that, this week also gave us some hot new tunes from two acts a tad bigger - Point Point and Whethan - both acts we believe and destined to go up and up and up next year after absolutely killing in 2016. We also got a whole new EP full of juicy, collaborative goodness from GRMM and, of course, Bonobo, who just teased another new cut from his upcoming and sure to be absolutely stellar new album. Here’s some tracks you might’ve missed amongst a hectic week of promising electronic releases, or Christmas shopping for family members you know absolutely zilch about.

ELKI - Golden Age

Following up from this year’s Sirens and Thunder, Golden Age is the third single from ELKI – an exciting new name appearing out of Australia’s pop scene. Combining fist-clenching chorus lines (as in chorus lines that make you clench your fists and belt it out as if you were on Australian Idol – if that’s even still around these days) with powerful, layered production, Golden Age is a solid progression from her previous releases that is full of energy and love, tantalising with shattering vocals, licks of guitar and the deep thumps of rolling bass melodies. With Golden Age, ELKI assures us that 2017 is her year to take, so everyone else - go home. This emerging Sydney newcomer is here to take over, and she’s not going anywhere once she pulls that off.

Pellican Child - Turn Me Down

For all those unaware, Pellican Child is the newly-formed collaborative side-project of Chicago outfit Louis The Child and Pell, a name quickly emerging from LA’s hip-hop scene. Their debut single Turn Me Down is the best of both worlds, with Louis The Child’s simplistic song writing skills going back to back with Pell’s smooth, uncomplicated flow to create a track that is laid-back and easy to digest - exactly what we’re looking for going into that sun-soaked time of year. It’s unclear if this will lead to further collaborations in the future or if it’s a one hit situation Porter and Madeon style, but with Turn Me Down being pumped full of those classy, good vibes we’re too impressed to really care at this point.

Young Futura - Slide

Emerging from another tag-team super collaboration, Slide has been on repeat since I first came across it early last week. Coming from Young Futura – the collaborative project of LA-based producer Futura (or YMNO) and DC-based rapper Beau Young Prince – Slide has this really impressive wonky production that twists and turns underneath Beau Young Prince’s Vince Staples-esque vocals, which are surprisingly comfortable and at home despite the track’s on-edge production. It’s the first single from their forthcoming EP which is due out at the end of this week, an EP which promises to be an unexpected one to watch this upcoming New Music Friday.

Camikaze - Thousands feat. Maya Payne

This. Is. Hectic. All it takes is 15 seconds for Camikaze’s new single – Thousands - to go into overdrive. Featuring the sultry vocal work of Maya Payne, Thousands is controlling and dominating, with Payne’s at-ease vocals provide relief from the onslaught of deep synth layers that punch and punch across the song’s breakdown. Now based in Melbourne, Camikaze was a name that popped up irregularly across the past year, but with an assuring bank of productions behind him, he’s now armed and ready for action in 2017. Michael Bay-like explosion action, if Thousands is anything to go by.

Big Wild - Invincible feat. iDA HAWK (Manila Killa Remix)

Oh man, I think this Big Wild remix package was built for me. First we got Point Point, who completely reinvented the track with their French groove and now, just a couple of days later, we got Manila Killa busting out his own remix. The Moving Castle producer is back to his banger-y self in his remix of Invicible, taking the powerful, chanting vocals of iDA HAWK in the original and adding an equally commanding production underneath it, crammed with hits of percussion and deep blows of sub. It’s a bit of a curveball from the US-based producer considering his other, more skill-showcasing releases this year, but hey, this is a bloody banger and I would be lying if I said I didn’t froth it.

Black Atlass - Holding On (A-Trak, Promnite & starRo Remix)

We’ve got to have at least one hit of funk on this playlist and this week, it goes to the tag-team trio of A-Trak, Promnite and starRo. Released through the esteemed Fools Gold, their remix of Black Atlass’ Holding On is brimming with soulful tinges, escaping from the track’s acoustic vocal work. That being said however, it doesn’t take those soulful, R&B nuances to quickly may way for an addictive house breakdown that only A-Trak could muster up. For those digging the vocals, the track was masterfully switched up in two more remixes too – with Madeaux adding a dark and heavy, almost techno-like shading over the track and then there’s High Klassified, with their tempo-bending, bass-injected re-do too. Check ‘em all out, why don’t ya?

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