Huge: Aus pop's next-up ASHWARYA just dropped a new collab with Vic Mensa

Huge: Aus pop's next-up ASHWARYA just dropped a new collab with Vic Mensa

Their new single together, titled TO THE NIGHT, as a fresh taste of ASHWARYA's just-announced debut EP, Nocturnal Hours.

Header image by Gadir Rajab.

It's no secret that we've fallen head over heels for rising pop star ASHWARYA, and considering she's undoubtedly a face of the country's musical future, how could you not? After making her entrance through PSYCHO HOLE last year, the Indian-Australian musician (now based in Melbourne) has blossomed into an act of Australian pop's next frontier, marking her place with cutting edge singles - PSYCHO HOLE, BIRIYANICOMIN@ME - that all feel like a breath of fresh air amongst everything else being released, always defining the curve rather than just following along.

ASHWARYA's tendency to define the pop curve has ensured that she's always been one step ahead of the rest, and it's something that seeps into the fashion and visuals that underpin the project too. There's a whole vision here - one worked on alongside her label home at Noize Recordings and its founder, pop music-maker Jarrad Rogers - that we've seen unveiled in front of us, and it's rare that each step in unveiling that vision is more exciting than the last - but ASHWARYA is proving it's possible, and there's something so brilliant about that. 

It's something that remains true with her next step too, perhaps even more-so than ever before. Today, she unveils her new single TO THE NIGHT, an explosive team-up with US rap heavyweight Vic Mensa that continues to see ASHWARYA push the bar further upwards for herself, all while unveiling news of her forthcoming debut EP Nocturnal Hours, scheduled for release on June 10th this year.

In terms of TO THE NIGHT, it's a single that showcases the exact type of forward-thinking craft that's defined ASHWARYA's glow-up so far. It swerves between touches of pop, electronica and hip-hop, with ASHWARYA's vocal floating amongst a constantly switching production worked on by Jarrad Rogers and LUCIANBLOMKAMP. The production really keeps you on your toes for the song's whole duration, and Vic Mensa's inclusion in the song's latter moments plays further into this, adding yet another dimension to the song's already complex and multi-faceted dexterity. 

"TO THE NIGHT goes through the motions of taking charge of the present and owning your truth," she says on the single. "It’s about triumphing over personal or external obstacles that may hold you back. It’s a constant battle, but I hope people can see themselves as the main character in this song, coming through in total command."

It's an empowering and monumental track from ASHWARYA, blending sounds and textures in a way that's sure to be further explored on her aforementioned debut EP Nocturnal Hours. There's not too much to say on the EP thus far - aside from its June 10 release date - but you just know it's going to be one of the best releases of the year. 

In the meantime, take a dive into TO THE NIGHT below:


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