Watch: Violent Soho + shenanigans at an old folks' home in the clip for Like Soda

Watch: Violent Soho + shenanigans at an old folks' home in the clip for Like Soda

Part Jackass, part Blink 182, all good times.

When Violent Soho dropped Like Soda a couple of months ago it had - like many VS songs - 'instant anthem' written all over it. And now its official video clip has 'instant classic' written all over it, with the Brissy gents getting kitted up in old face makeup and going to town on an old bowls club. And just like that, lawn bowls became this summer's hot activity. Sorry in advance to all the bowls clubs of the nation and the sudden influx of youth they'll be experiencing over summer 2015/16. But let's be honest, they'll be happy to have some young kids to smash some $2 middies and talk about the old days with inbetween sets.

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