Watch: shame - Six-Pack

Watch: shame - Six-Pack

English post-punks drop blistering new single alongside a delightfully bizarre Playstation 1 inspired music video

Image Credit: Pooneh Ghana

A staple and fan favourite in their live sets for a while now, shame have finally released Six-Pack as a single, alongside an altogether too fun Playstation 1, role playing game inspired music video. 

The video feels like a 32-bit gaming fever dream, seeing Napoleon working out in a number of bizarre scenarios. Directed by Gilbert Bannerman and animated by Cyrus Hayley, Bannerman explains “The idea was to make a parody of a middle aged bloke thinking he’s a king for going to the gym once. I read a lot about Napoleon and thought it would be a laugh to make it about him. The style comes from trying to make my youth spent playing PS1 not entirely wasted."

On their raucous, exploratory new single, vocalist Charlie Steen adds “Six pack is essentially the opposite of a Room 101; instead it’s a room where all your wildest desires can come true and will be showered upon you. Be it commodities, self-obsession, foods and B-lister celebrities, it’ll all be there if you want it to. You’ve done time behind bars and now you’re making time in-front of them. It’s time to make up for anything you’ve lost or wasted, it’s time to get it all.”

Six-Pack is the latest taste of shame’s forthcoming third album, with Food for Worms due out in late February. 

shame’s new album Food for Worms is out February 24 via Dead Oceans

DOC324 cover art


Food for Worms 

1. Fingers Of Steel 

2. Six-Pack

3. Yankees

4. Alibis

5. Adderall

6. Orchid

7. The Fall Of Paul

8. Burning By Design

9. Different Person

10. All The People

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