Track x Track: Chloe Parché - 'Bad With Words' EP

Track x Track: Chloe Parché - 'Bad With Words' EP

Sydney-based indie-pop singer-songwriter on the rise takes us through her infectious & emotional new EP, track by track

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Ahead of a hometown headline show on April 5 at Low 302 in Sydney, Chloe Parché has readied her latest release, the addictive, personal and touching sounds of the Bad With Words EP.

Following up her debut album Moneymaker and subsequent EP Crooked, Bad With Words comes after a big 2023 for Chloe that saw the release of a string of singles, as well as playing the Sydney iteration of the iconic LA event School Night to supporting the likes of Rum Jungle, Pacific Avenue, Great Gable, and more.

An infectious collection of five cuts that showcase Parché’s storytelling approach to songwriting that gives us a glimpse into the continuing development of her sound, to celebrate the release of Bad With Words, Chloe was kind enough to take us through the record, track by track.

I Don't Wanna Know

‘I Don't Wanna Know’ is a song that is about not wanting to know what someone is up to because you know it will hurt more to know than not. I had so much fun writing it with Harry O’brien (the lead singer of Pacific Avenue). I was going through a bit of a transition period where I wanted to change the style of the music I was making and I believe this was the first song I had written that reflected the new sound.


‘Bitter’ is about holding a grudge that you just can’t seem to let go of. Written initially by Harry O’brien and Mike Drennan (of the Moving Stills), I love the sound of this song, the unique guitar had me instantly excited about it. I got sent an instrumental of it and I think I wrote most of the lyrics to this song in my bedroom in about thirty mins.


‘Fragile’ is about fear of losing time. I have a slight fear of getting old and I think that it's quite obvious in this song. There are so many things I want to do in life and the idea of not being able to do them scares me. The song mostly frames it by talking about wasting time and not wasting any moments (which don’t get me wrong, I do love to waste time sometimes). But, I think the idea of this song is more so that I don't want to blink and it will be 30 years from now and not feel fulfilled by my life.


‘Reeling’ is about spiralling from a feeling that you haven't felt in a while. Sometimes you forget how things feel until you relive them and you forget what to do with those feelings. It's a fun take on freaking out basically. I love this song because it's really fun to perform live with my band.

Holding Me Back

Holding me back is about regret and change. I feel like this song and ‘Fragile’ have a lot in common, because I think about these things a lot. It talks about not wanting to let things you wish you could change get in the way of what you're doing in life or letting it affect decisions you make. Everyone has things in life that they wish they could change but at the end of the day, you can’t. This song is essentially just about dealing with that.

          - Chloe Parché, March 2024

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5 April – Low 302, Sydney

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