Premiere: Brisbane punks Bad Neighbour share a new song, When The World Explodes

Premiere: Brisbane punks Bad Neighbour share a new song, When The World Explodes

The new single comes alongside an official video clip, and a few launch dates sprinkling the next two months.

If you're somebody already quite in-tuned to Brisbane's heavier rock world, then chances are Bad Neighbour are a group already well on your radar. The four-piece made a debut back in 2019, coming together off a shared appreciation for rough-around-the-edges punk and classic emo, two different cliff-faces they attempted to combine together through music of their own, which has steadily come out over the last few years. Take their four-track debut EP Take Care, for example, and its blending rush of sub-genres and sounds that introduced Bad Neighbour and all their multi-faceted glory.

In the last year, the foursome have really gone through a bit of a change. They've been heads-down working on their new material and - in true Bad Neighbour spirit - experimenting with new energies and sounds, taking the time off the live circuit to work out how they can make a strong impact with their return, something we have already begun to see with the release of their latest single House Fire earlier in the year.

Their new single When The World Explodes makes it two-from-two, capturing the excitement of punk's energy and showing it through a sound that feels like a touch of this and a touch of that; moments of punk, alt-rock, grunge, emo and beyond swirling together amongst the charm that Bad Neighbours have been steadily working on, and the intimate songwriting that underpins it all. "This song is all about living up to expectations and feeling the pressure of life weighing down on you," they say on the track, talking about its meaning.

Premiering on Pilerats today ahead of its official release later in the week, When The World Explodes continues an exciting chapter for Bad Neighbour, one that shows how they've furthered themselves in their time working on new material. "This song is the start of a new direction for us that we are so excited about," they say. "We can’t wait for you to all hear the stuff that we have been working endlessly on. It’s something really special for us and hopefully all our listeners too."

It arrives with an official video which you can take a dive into below, and a pair of tour dates to launch the single, which you can find underneath. In the meantime, however, unleash yourself into Bad Neighbour's world as you listen to When The World Explodes, and keep your eyes and ears peeled for more to come:

Tour Dates: 

May 15 - The Brightside, Brisbane (with Loiter and Verum)
June 26 -  Vinnies Dive Bar, Gold Coast (with Ben Tenison, Chelsea Drive and Late November)

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