Gallery: Short Stack take us behind-the-scenes of their latest video, Live4

Gallery: Short Stack take us behind-the-scenes of their latest video, Live4

The Stack also announce an intimate Melbourne show for next month, and reschedule their victory lap around the country for later this year.

2021 is the year of Short Stack and no, we can't quite believe it either. After disbanding back in 2015 or so, the trio made somewhat of a revival last year, with a comeback tour scheduled for July 2020. Like all good things in 2020, however, the tour never went ahead - being postponed until a then-unannounced date, which last week, was unveiled to be November and December this year; the Stack revival being pushed back a little bit, but still on the cards for the year ahead.

However, the tour's postponement didn't slow down their return. At the start of this year, they returned with their first song in a long while through Burn You Down, an electrifying burst of Short Stack nostalgia brought forward to current day. Then, last week, came another taste of what they've been working on over the last little bit, with Live4 being yet another showcase of Short Stack's punk-y mania as they carve out a song that feels destined for the festival stages (somehow destined for both Big Day Out 2010 and UNIFY 2021, too).

As frontman Shaun Diviney explains, the song was one of the first written following their decision to write new music with one another. "Live4 is song is about celebrating being the underdog," he says, hinting at the anthemic and empowering nature of the single's rushing pace. "We wanted a huge, anthemic song that would feel massive live. Choirs is something we’ve never done before, but we really wanted the chorus to explode."

The single arrives alongside an official video clip directed by Elder, as well as those aforementioned rescheduled tour dates, and the addition of an intimate Melbourne launch show, scheduled for June 4th at St Kilda institution The Epsy. Tickets to that show have already sold-out, but you can grab more information and the last few tickets to their national victory lap of a tour for later this year here - it's going to be one hell of a time. 

In the meantime, however, you can take a dive into Live4 below, alongside a behind-the-scenes look at the single's video clip, walked through by Shaun Diviney himself. Watch the clip and look over those photos - taken by Kim Quint - below:

Behind-the-scenes of Short Stack's video for Live4, annotated by Shaun Diviney: 

The main goal of the Live4 clip was to just have fun filming around the city. This was actually our third attempt filming it as the first night we got rained out, then half way through the second night the camera we were filming with broke. Third time lucky! 


This is our day-to-day routine. We are all hideously ugly so need make-up artists with us at all times.


The vibe we envisioned for the clip was really chill. We just wanted to drive around filming at cool locations. This is the second clip we’ve done with Elder now and it was really exciting to be like “that place looks kind of cool”. This alley was my favourite place to shoot. We bought in a smoke machine and tried to make it all dark and mysterious.


This shot was really fun to do. We had a pyrotechnics guy come along with us and just create fires which just made the shots pop a little bit more.


We film a lot of behind-the-scenes footage ourselves and try to document the process of what we do as much as possible. Andy shoots and edits it all!


For the last shot we went to a car park near an old taxi station. It was about 1am on a Monday night so no one was around except one guy who was really interested in what we were doing. We were a bit concerned about the noise but a freight train came through every 10 minutes so we were all good.


Here we are playing on a road at 1am with a bunch of fire around us. Our biggest concern was the cops coming because you can’t exactly just light fires in the middle of the road, and there was smoke everyone. One security guard came and dissed us out but he was pretty chill.


More fire. A lot more fire.


This is the pyrotechnics guy. He really liked fires. He said he made Bon as a kid and that’s how he got into the field. That’s a pretty kick ass story if you ask me.


We wrapped the clip at about 2am and it was pretty cold. All in all though it was one of the most fun clips we’ve ever done! 

Tour Dates: 

Thursday, November 4 – Fiction Club, Canberra, ACT (18+)
Friday, November 5 – The Cambridge, Newcastle, NSW (18+)
Saturday, November 13 – The Triffid, Brisbane, QLD (LIC, AA) SOLD OUT
Sunday, November 14 – The Triffid, Brisbane, QLD (18+) SOLD OUT
Thursday, November 25 – The Gov, Adelaide, SA (LIC, AA) SOLD OUT
Saturday, November 27 – Astor Theatre, Perth, WA (LIC, AA)
Friday, December 3 – 170 Russell, Melbourne, VIC (18+) SOLD OUT
Saturday, December 4 – 170 Russell, Melbourne, VIC (18+) SOLD OUT
Friday, December 10 – Max Watts, Sydney, NSW (18+) SOLD OUT
Saturday, December 11 – Max Watts, Sydney, NSW (LIC, AA) SOLD OUT

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