Premiere: Melbourne punks Snark shred their demons with debut EP, Impostor

Premiere: Melbourne punks Snark shred their demons with debut EP, Impostor

On their freeing debut EP, the Melbourne-based trio tackle some of the darker moments of their last few years.

There's a particular power that comes with using music as a processing tool, and the creative catharticism that can come with tackling your problems through the means of songwriting (or really, any form of creative release). It's empowering, and there are full albums built off this sense of therapeutic creativity that have ushered musicians into the highest echelon of songwriting - people love relatability, and often, that comes with discussing and reflecting upon your darkest moments.

For Melbourne-based punk trio Snark, they've decided to come straight out of the gates with an EP that has this potent emotion at its very core, with their debut EP Impostor - premiering on Pilerats today ahead of its greater release tomorrow, September 2nd - being a collection of tracks that introduce the group way beyond just musically. Instead, it's a record reflective of the band's three members, and the trials and tribulations needed to get to each of the members to this current point in time, and what's influenced them along the way.

As a result, Impostor is one of the deepest, richest entrances we've heard from a local band in a fair while. Each of its five tracks move with a rushing pace that's laden with this cathartic energy, centralising on a thick-layered punk backbone that moves depending on the song and its setting; the contrast of quick-pacing ferocity on songs like Wasted with the more solemn, down-temponess of Pathetic and Sentimental a testament to how the group are capable of switching their sound and exploring different energies through what they do, with this heartfelt lyricism being the linking point between every song that keeps it all distinctly Snark.

"Thematically, the EP is the result of a really turbulent couple of years personally and that is reflected in the contrast between tracks," the group say on the record, which follows on from a pair of singles that initially introduced the group a few years ago. "Lyrically, we've really poured our heart and soul into these songs - there are some uncomfortable moments and hard truths in there, as well as the upbeat yet melancholy lyrics we've had in the past. The EP revolves around feeling disenfranchised, lost and powerless and how that can drive you to try to find yourself in all the wrong places. We're not trying to give anyone a roadmap out of the darkness or preach to anyone, but rather let people know they're not in this alone.

"The EP is called Impostor to acknowledge us shedding our sense of impostor syndrome around being a band and fully embracing this new era of Snark."

It's a brilliantly potent record that really introduces Snark as a fresh face of a heavy, lyrical-driven future ahead, so take a dive into the EP below as it premieres on Pilerats a day early, and be sure to keep an eye on Snark as they continue to blossom in the years ahead.

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