Premiere: Perth's Shangrila are at their best with new single, Happy

Premiere: Perth's Shangrila are at their best with new single, Happy

After a sensational few years that has consistently seen the band go from strength to strength, they're kicking off 2020 in much the same way.

Over the last few years, Perth has blossomed into quite a hotspot for alt-rock's next generation, whether it be through acts that embrace that classic, 90s-popularised rock sound, or those that bring the genre forward to somewhat of a reviving 2020, and incorporate elements of other genres - clanging surf-rock, searing punk - into its core. The latter of which has proved particularly notable of Perth in the last twelve months, with artists like Sly Withers and Death By Denim taking thick, heavy guitar riffs and giving it a craftful, forward-thinking edge - finding a bunch of fans both in West Australia and the rest of the country in doing so.

Fellow Perth band Shangrila are doing something similar, albeit in a bit of a different way. The eclectic five-piece have had a remarkable few years too - their 2018 EP Love and Leaving was a strong local favourite, and their 2019 stand-alone single Fade Away felt like the beginning of the group's national expansion - with their sound centring on this distinctly nostalgic rock sound that doesn't need bells and whistles to get the job done, and sometimes that's something we look forward (more often than not, simplicity is better than releasing an overcomplicated mess).

Their new single Happy is one that keeps this going, ensuring that they'll branch into greater national waters this month as they tease a strong year ahead laden with releases of a high calibre like this. Happy, once again, has a heavy emphasis on strong, searing guitar melodies and a refined sense of lyricism, packing a major wallop without watering down this sense of lyrical reflection the band have become quite known for since their 2018 EP. It's emotional and filled with passion; rich with pop mannerisms which keep Shangrila in their own lane and ensure their place in pop-rock's exciting, West Australian-dominated future ahead.

"Happy is about the first time you feel that instant connection with someone and wanting that night to last forever," says the band's Devyn Jupp on the single, which arrives ahead of a launch date at Perth's Four5iveNine on March 7th with fellow Perth rock rising stars, Triggerlip, Tied Down and King Ibis. "Everyone remembers the intoxicating, overwhelming feeling when you meet someone special, wanting to see them all the time and not being able to get them out of your mind."

The full track arrives this Friday, but if you can't wait until then, we're premiering Happy in all its glory below, so dive in:

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