Premiere: Meet Way Dynamic and their bright debut single, Losing Touch

Premiere: Meet Way Dynamic and their bright debut single, Losing Touch

The Melbourne six-piece, led by Totally Mild's Dylan Young, sport a summery indie-pop sound that'll leave you mesmerised.

Heading into the warmer summer months, it's not unusual for artists to dive into brighter, sun-stroked sounds that match the season's warmth. In the indie scene particularly, it isn't strange to see moody minor chords replaced with some happier and more refreshing, with the pop sensibilities that often lay underneath a lot of Australian indie/alternative pushed into the forefront as artists chase that 'song of the summer'. Melbourne's Way Dynamic are an act doing basically that, bursting onto the scene with a bright, indie-pop charmer Losing Touch. The group, led by Melbourne multi-instrumentalist Dylan Young (who also drums in Totally Mild), create a charming guitar-backed sound on their debut, mixing brilliant songwriting and lyricism with elements of indie, pop, folk and even Beach Boys-esque nostalgia, for a track that sets on them on a good path for their debut EP What’s It All For Now, which arrives via Our Golden Friend on November 16th.

With the EP arrival this month, today we premiere the single's official video clip, which sees the song's sound paired with a crackling, VHS-esque visual that further fleshes out that nostalgic touch to their music. Watch it below, and get to know Way Dynamic and their exciting sound a bit better underneath that.

Tell us about yourself?

Way Dynamic started in Ballarat as the name for every scrap of music that my 18-year-old self couldn’t find a home for (me: Dylan Young). But now, in Melbourne, it’s a band made up of five others who play in numerous other bands and also share a love for writing oddball pop songs.

What’s the vibe music-wise? 

It’s kraut, it’s folk, it’s rock, it’s pop. There are a few other things in there too. But the music is generally feel-good. Or feel-sad. I think it tries to find that balance. And usually with a little back-in-the-day production flair. Think: Carol King, Brian Wilson.

What are your production and writing processes like?

Sometimes I’ll sit on a song for years. But the best stuff comes with a little urgency: make it quickly and honestly so you don’t have time to judge yourself.

Usually, it’s a melody that drives the music. I just think that’s pleasant.

Can you tell us about your latest single/vid, Losing Touch?

Losing Touch is about having broken your femur in a car accident. And having to spend the next few months in rehab, learning to walk again, feeling pretty isolated and forgotten. Top that with painkiller withdrawal and you end up in a bad and lonely headspace. But the clip, on the other hand, made by Sam Rogers, shows the band performing live a la Countdown or Top of the Pops. I hope it gives a glimpse of the love we have within the band.

It’s the latest song from your upcoming What’s It All For Now EP, which is out very, very soon. Can you tell us about the EP and what to expect?

The EP was written and recorded in one day and mixed in the next - there’s something to be said for that process. It feels right to me. It’s got some groovers and some feelers on it - which is good. But I think it’s mostly sonically and texturally quite nice and interesting. The recording process is something we love and consider a lot.

Any shows coming up?

We’re launching the EP with The Stroppies and Emma Russack at the Cactus Room in Thornbury on November 23rd. Eden Fainberg drew the show’s artwork that completely dropped my jaw.

And there’s a cassette too.

What’s the rest of the year have in store for you?

We just want to keep making records and playing shows with the people we love and admire. And there’s an LP not too far away.

Where can we find more of your music?


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