Track x Track: Beach Bleach - I Can See Through You EP

Track x Track: Beach Bleach - I Can See Through You EP

Boorloo/Perth-based genre-fusing indie trio take us through their blistering debut EP, track by track

Beach Bleach have had a big first half of 2023. After a few years of grinding both in the studio and on the live stage, the band released their debut single of trip hop infused indie Nothing To Lose (that we premiered) a few months back, before following-up with their WAM Song of the Year nominated single, the drum & bass meets grunge sounds of Waiting (when we found out all about the band).

Now the band have unleashed their debut EP I Can See Through You, a collection of diverse, experimental and catchy tracks that cover a wide range of sounds and styles, broadly combining hip hop and dance music beats/production with more traditional “band vibes” coming from guitar (Amaru Zachariassen), bass (Luna Zachariassen) and frontwoman Isis Porotto’s striking vocals.

Speaking on their debut EP the band explain “Each member of Beach Bleach brings their unique style and influences into our performances and music and it creates a bit of a wild mix. For the EP, we experimented in our composition, mixing up soul-jazz, hip-hop and rock, trying to find that hair raising, static feel".

To celebrate the release of I Can See Through You (which the band are launching on August 11, see below for details), Beach Bleach producer & guitarist Amaru took us through the release, track by track - have a listen and get to know!

Nothing to Lose

The lyrics of Nothing to Lose offer a satirical, cautionary tale and a reminder that people with nothing to lose can be the most dangerous type of people. The rich, red velvet sounds take you downtown with the swinging beats, a running bass and a get-away guitar.  We love playing this song because it captures having the last laugh even if you got a bit burned on the way. 

Love You Later

Love You Later is a rebellious punk rock track subverting the idea of what a break-up song might be. The experimental composition seeks to create that hair raising, static feel.  It is an un-sad tribute to a past fling, based on real events.

Shoe Box

Shoe Box switches things up with sounds that reflect and shimmer, creating an eerie tension against the pulsating kicks and snares.  Lyrically, it reflects being in a vulnerable space, looking for where grass is greener, trying to resist old habits. The song invites interpretation from the listener to relate to the story from their own experiences.


Waiting delves into the feeling of being trapped in limbo, disillusioned by the absence of answers to crucial matters and cautious of straw man arguments. It is a breakbeat-infused, distorted, genre-blurring track, opening with atmospheric, swirling synths that are soon met with driving drum breaks, before kicking into overdrive with distorted guitars and Isis’s striking, reverberant vocals.  Originally from a poem, Waiting went through lots of remixes, and was developed through gigging it live.

I Can See Through You

I Can See Through You closes out the EP with ripping bass lines, four to the floor kicks, a revving guitar and edgy soul-fuelled vocals. It is a bit of a resistance song and felt like a perfect end to the EP and is often a high voltage set closer for our live gigs.  We hope people are intrigued by the music and lyrics, and will crank it on the aux to get that adrenaline feeling.

          - Amaru Zachariassen, July 2023

Beach Bleach I Can See Through You Artwork

Beach Bleach EP Launch Poster

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