Listen to Lie To Me Again, an action-packed return from Sydney punks The Buoys

Listen to Lie To Me Again, an action-packed return from Sydney punks The Buoys

The high-octane new track also comes with news of a new EP titled Unsolicited Advice For Your DIY Disaster, out this October.

Header image by Maya Luana.

The Buoys have come a long way since our first introduction. The Sydney-based four-piece - comprised of lead vocalist Zoe, drummer Tess, guitarist Hillary and bassist Courtney - have blossomed over the years to become an act synonymous with Australia's modern-day punk world and the values and ideas it stands for; the band using their high-octane, often-short-yet-always-sweet bursts of punk-rock to dive into the world around them and dissect sexism, climate justice, bigotry and beyond through captivating riffs and cut-through vocals that Zoe always manages to bring the power out of.

It's something that was best shown through their second EP All This Talking Gets Us Nowhere last year, which over the course of six tracks, saw the band take aim at everything from gender equality (Inside Outside) and capitalism (WAH!) to shitty workplaces and under-par bosses (Linda). On top of that, it was also an EP that came to life thanks to a team of empowered women working on the release: recording engineers, photographers, publicists, video directors, managers and so on. "I hope that when I ask other women to join us, that they’re stoked to work with other women who are trying to do the same thing, which is lift each other up," Zoe told us with the EP's release last year.

Now, they return a year later with news of their third EP Unsolicited Advice For Your DIY Disaster, scheduled for release via their Spunk! Records home on October 13th. While there's more information still to come, Unsolicited Advice For Your DIY Disaster is sure to be another release that showcases the unbridled energy of The Buoys and their captivating, through-and-through spirit, all while showing a sense of evolution as they prove how they've grown amongst the chaos of the last year.

It's something we've already begun to see actually, first through the release of a new single titled Bad Habit back in May, and again now through the release of Lie To Me Again, a second EP tease that really welcomes the emotional conviction of Zoe Catterall and her songwriting.

Lie To Me Again is a crescendo-ing burst of excellence from The Buoys, starting off a little reserved and timid before the rest of the band join in midway through, and the song gets a sudden burst of buoyancy that feels much more like that classic Buoys sound. Thematically, it's a song that welcomes a little more of Zoe's personal life into the ring, delving into her experiences with a past relationship that she dissects and pulls apart with the emotional empowerment uplifting every single one of her lines.

"I’d written it only a few days before when I found out my partner was dating someone else the whole duration of our relationship and left me to be with them. It was really cathartic being able to piece it all together with my closest friends and do the song justice," she says on the single. "I’d written the vocals over guitar and shared it last minute not expecting anything from it and it quickly became our favourite track when we added everyone’s instruments in."

If nothing else, the rend result is a remainder of The Buoys' consistent brilliance, and with plenty more to come (including a new EP up their sleeve), we're sure we are going to get a few more remainders before the year's out. In the meantime, take a listen to Lie To Me Again below:


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