They're back: Listen to Lots of Nothing, Spacey Jane's first single since Sunlight

They're back: Listen to Lots of Nothing, Spacey Jane's first single since Sunlight

After celebrating a year since their breakthrough debut album Sunlight the other week, the Perth favourites return with a taste of something new.

Header image by Charlie Hardy.

To say that it's been a big year for Spacey Jane would be an understatement. On the journey to their debut album Sunlight, the Perth-based four-piece grew from indie-rockers worth keeping an eye on to one of Australia's leading bands, emerging as a flag-bearer of the next generation not just in West Australia - where they'd already been established within the live music space for a few years - but for the country as a whole, and how its indie-pop scene is perceived on an international scale.

Since sharing Sunlight, however, everything has seemed to fall their way - despite all the roadblocks attempting to slow things down. As the country began to emerge from their first pandemic-induced lockdown, Spacey Jane were one of the first bands back on the road, playing dates throughout West Australia's coastline. They made their way eastwards eventually - albeit with a few hiccups thanks to staggered, unexpected lockdowns - and are now one of the country's most in-demand artists, all but solidified by the runaway success of Booster Seat, an album non-single (at the time) that quickly became the band's defining moment (and biggest triple j Hottest 100 charting hit thus far).

Amongst all the madness, however, they've actually been busy working on album number two, chipping away on the record even as Sunlight began to emerge from the vault a year ago. Now, they're armed with a solid belt of new tunes, and they're beginning to show a taste of their future in the form of Lots Of Nothing, the first Spacey Jane song to arrive post-Sunlight and thus, the first taste of what we can expect from Spacey Jane as they continue to grow, evolve and thrive in the years ahead.

It's a single that showcases what feels like a refined sense of self for the outfit, building upon the Spacey Jane sound as showcased on their debut album and making it - somehow - even more distinctive, especially amongst a growing scene of clones beginning to emerge. Frontman Caleb Harper takes the lead once again, but even that feels a little more polished; his aching, yet catchy choruses feeling a little more confident and self-assured in the year since Sunlight, without losing the intimacy and honesty that drew so many to Spacey Jane's music to start with.

"Lots of Nothing is about wrestling with the parts of yourself that you don’t like and how you can see those traits as a whole other person," he says on the single, which arrives with a video directed by visual heavyweight Matt Sav. "It’s about trying to accept all the parts of yourself, good and bad, before you are able to work on the person that you want to become."

The rest of Spacey Jane seem to have taken notes from Caleb's evolution within the past year as well; Lots of Nothing capturing Spacey Jane's jagged indie-rock instrumentation at a newfound peak, full of the heavier indie influence of acts like Car Seat Headrest, mashed together with the breezy, sun-soaked pop edge that's always come quite natural to Spacey Jane.

We have no doubts that there is plenty more to come, but in the meantime, relish in the return of Spacey Jane below, as they debut Lots of Nothing today. Check it out now:

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