Self-proclaimed pizza experts The Pinheads pick out their favourite Illawarra pizza joints

Self-proclaimed pizza experts The Pinheads pick out their favourite Illawarra pizza joints

The Illawarra rockers will be hitting up Wollongong's Yours & Owls festival at the end of this month.

Self-proclaimed pizza experts and Illawarra rock n roll outfit The Pinheads are one of the many great bookings by Wollongong mega-festival Yours & Owls, who'll host names like At The Drive In, The Presets, Illy and more over two days at the end of this month. The seven-piece rock group released their debut, self-titled album through Farmer & The Owl/Inertia back in May, with standout singles such as Gimme Back and Fight Or Flight making The Pinheads one of Australia's best local rock releases of the year, as well as making them a must-see at the festival. As previously mentioned, the group claim to be big on the ol' pizza, so we got them to take us through their favourite Wollongong pizza joints in the name of #content. Now, over to them:

The Illawarra is a strange mysterious land - a land of few and confusing pizza serving establishments; some with sickening amounts of yellow cheese, some with barely enough cheese to cover a 50 cent coin. Few have gone on the quest to find the 5 best pizza palaces and only one group hath returnethed - Thy Pinheads are here to tell you of the 5 best from their travels upon the slice. Here are the 5 best pizza places in The Gong and a guide on how to approach them:

5. Gallardo's Pizzaria - Helensburgh

Gallardo's is a bit of a jack of all trades for custom slices yet only master of one - the family sized Margarita.
 One must only get this when recording late in the shed and no one feels like Thai. Good for a group feast with Pepsi but that's about it. Add lemon.

4. Dr Oetker - Wherever You Want

Just because Coles doesn't count as a restaurant doesn't mean you can't make your own pizza zone in your home*. Flavours for all - make sure to express yourself here, customise it, add a lot of chilli flakes and usually extra cheese. Add some bacon if ya want or if that's not your thing add extra tomatoes. This is usually best accompanying a movie at home of course, especially a horror movie.

*hot tip - you can also buy garlic bread for about 2 bucks at Coles - add that and you've got a little Italy in the luxury of your home.

3. Dominos - Woonona

Very close to Bellambi bowling alley, so there is no reason not to pick up a soggy slice before you stick your greasy fingers into a bowling ball hole. If you prefer a pizza after you score a couple strikes then you can drive to the beach and eat it *Al Fresco* for a classier feel to the night.

*hot tip - there are a whole lot of free extras to stick on top, also if you build a relationship you will eventually get the occasional free garlic bread and big bottle of Coke*.

*hot tip #2 - if you drink the whole bottle you will feel sick. (p.s. everyone knows Pepsi is better with pizza)

2. Lupan - Wollongong

If you're looking for a classier slice in the area Lupa is your place. I hear the head chef is straight out of Naples and knows how to throw the dough. To be honest, I've never been able to afford to go here so I can't vouch for it. There's another Dominos across that road that'll fill your grease void.

1. Pizza World - Corrimal/Wollongong

Pizza World is a chain pizza restaurant that consists of 2 stores only in the Illawarra, it is known amongst the people as the best slice for the hot price. This zone operates much like Domino's and the such except it is a much more personal experience. Cheaper pizzas on certain nights of the week- has a small seating area although no one dares use it. Pizzas here vary from cheap and fulfilling to relatively expensive and extravagant - a taste to fit all cheese disc consumers in 2 convenient locations.

I hope this list aids you on your journey for the blessed cheesy light and you find the holy disc to rule them all, and remember as Neil Yeast and Crusty Horse said: "Crust Never Sleeps."

Yours & Owls 2017 Line-Up:

yours and owls 2017 updated

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