Pro Vita talk pits and parties ahead of their debut WA shows

Pro Vita talk pits and parties ahead of their debut WA shows

The Sunny Coast four-piece are playing three shows over our way this weekend.

The end of summer generally means nothing good, but we can look forward to Sunshine Coast-based rockers Pro Vita playing a heap of live shows around the country on their Friends Forever tour. And along with dropping by plenty of their regular haunts, the lads will be heading out west to play some shows here for the first time ever, for a little tour we are excited to be presenting.

To mark the occasion, we caught up with Pro Vita to get to know 'em a little better, and learnt they've got a new single on the way which you'll get a sneak peek of at the shows, and you might even catch 'em in the water while they're in town.

Hello gentlemen, thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions!

AYEEEEE, no worries!

First up, a few shows into the Friends Forever tour – how were the shows and what’s the vibe amongst the camp?

We’ve had an epic start to the tour so far, the first couple of shows we played have been mental. We started with a home game on the Sunshine Coast and that was one of the funnest shows we’ve played in a while, a heap of our parents and old friends came so it was pretty cool to get to play to all of them.

The tour art is sick, how’d you find Georgia and what direction did you give her? (Check the poster down the bottom for reference.)

Georgia is Daniel’s (guitarist) girlfriend and she does most of our artwork. We don’t really give her any direction haha, we just give her the info and she always comes back with something dope.

Seen as you’ll be over in the west for the first time in a couple of weeks, what can we expect from a Pro Vita show?

We like to think that it’s pretty hard not to have a good time, we are super energetic on stage and Connor (lead singer) always does a good job of getting everyone moving.

What is your knowledge of the wild west? Any bands from this way you’re fans of, or anything you’ve heard about us (good or bad)?

Ahhh we know that you guys don’t have an NRL team which isn’t really fair haha. I guess we don’t really know too much, only half of us have ever been there before. We are super pumped to finally to get play some shows with Braves. We’ve been digging off each other's music for probably like the last two years so the fact we get to play all three shows with them is sweeeet.

We’ve got pretty decent surf over here, have you hooked up any boards to go for a paddle seen as you’ve got a few days?

Yeah Daniel's been over there for a couple surf comps when he was younger so we might have to try sneak down the coast for a cheeky splash, we’ve got a couple mates over there that we can borrow boards off.

The last new track we heard from you guys was Honey, have you got anything in the works for release soon – and if so can you tell us a bit about it?

Yeah we’re actually just about to record our new single Nightmare in the next few weeks, we’ll be playing it at all the shows so you guys can tell us what think of it! Hopefully we will get it out towards the end of April/start of May if we can get it finished by then.

What’s the music scene like where you’re from – any other bands we should be keeping an eye/ear on?

We spend a bunch of time bouncing between the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane and there’s soooo many good bands coming out of that area. The Brisbane music scene is just as strong as ever, we’ve been really digging Good Boy lately, those guys rule. The Sunshine Coast scene is starting to kick off too which is rad, bands like Pop Cult have been killing it as of late.

Once this tour wraps up what’s on the calendar for the rest of 2017 and beyond?

Assuming we survive this tour we will hopefully just keep recording new music, touring and doin' fun stuff. Towards the end of this year we will hopefully start on our first album too!

Thanks guys, look forward to your responses!

No worries, thanks legends looking forward to seeing you guys soon!


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