Premiere: The Hunting Birds continue their streak with new single, Flashlight

Premiere: The Hunting Birds continue their streak with new single, Flashlight

The Melbourne-via-Perth trio made a return with April's Catch Up, and their new single makes it two from two.

Anyone familiar with West Australia's indie-pop scene would already know The Hunting Birds, the crafty indie trio whose become one of the state's most acclaimed and rewarded newcomers (they took out the 'Pop Song of the Year' Award at last year's WAM - a.k.a. West Australian Music - Awards). Really, it's not too hard to understand why they've become such a hit; their sound consistently being refined and built upon with everything they put out, whether that be full EPs such as 2018's In Its Nature, or the singles that surround it.

Now, however, trio are looking forwards into a new era. Now based in Melbourne, they've spend the two years since In Its Nature's arrival working on what's coming next, further diving into their sound and coming out of the other end with something well-rounded and versatile, bound to further push them into the upper echelon of newcoming pop acts within Australia and make themselves one to keep an eye on nationally over the next few months - something that's been a long time coming for the group.

The first taste of their new work came with their returning single Catch Up back in April, one of that month's best WA-released singles (we let their move to Melbourne slide just one time, because the song is so good) and one that really brought The Hunting Birds' strengths to the table, something that their second single Flashlight - which premieres on Pilerats today ahead of its official release this Wednesday - doubles down upon and richens either further.

In many ways, Flashlight is The Hunting Birds at their most fun and joyful. Full of bouncy choruses and elite songwriting, it navigates the intersection of indie, pop and folk with utmost ease, showcasing the songwriting that has made the group an acclaimed force heading into the new decade. It's full of energy too; the pop hooks soaring above a collection of instrumental tracks - heavily emphasised on guitar, of course - in a way that makes Flashlight refreshing and somewhat festival-ready, ready to sing along to and have a good time amongst.

However, the single very much charades a deeper meaning, with the track navigating the pressure and anxiety of the group's lead vocalist, Kendra. "I wrote Flashlight at a time where I felt completely consumed by pressure," she says on the track, which was written alongside Joel Quartermain (G-Flip, Meg Mac). "I had and still do have a lot of anxiety over my next moves as a young adult. I was waiting for some kind of sign, while feeling completely dormant in my life and growth while days keep ticking by.

"It’s that point that you hit where you throw your hands up in the air and want to sneak away into the shadows hoping no one asks questions so you have to go back to society's expectations and a fear of wasting time."

There's plenty to love with here, with Flashlight reinforcing The Hunting Birds' status as a favourite on the west coast beginning to blossom interstate. Take a dive into the track below:

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