Premiere: Sydney's Mesmeriser whips up an alt-rock storm with Trigger

Premiere: Sydney's Mesmeriser whips up an alt-rock storm with Trigger

While their past work felt more in-line with the ongoing indie-pop explosion, their latest single takes it back to the mid-00s glory of alt-rock.

If you're familiar with Sydney band Mesmeriser already, it's probably because of a smattering of releases they've put out over the last few years, including seemingly stand-alone singles in the last few months and their 2017 debut EP These Few Hours. You'll also note, that their past work - their latest track, last September's Don't Complicate It, an example - swishes about with this dazzling indie-pop sound not too far off what's become a stand-out genre for Australian music in the last few years; jangly guitar work meeting fist-clenching hooks perfectly designed to be yelled out as loudly as possible.

Their new single Trigger, however, is an entirely different force. Premiering on Pilerats today, the track takes the rising band into heavier territory, taking nods from the mid-00s peak of alt-rock and the bands that defined it - The Strokes, Cage The Elephant - and bringing this sound forward into the future, intertwining it with pockets of brilliance that perfectly capture the group at their most ruckus-inducing. It's not necessarily chaotic in any way (the track is remarkably slick and well put-together), it just veers Mesmeriser into new lands, showing they have the versatility to triumph over new sounds yet to be explored by the band thus far.

Lyrically, the track is a sharp take on sexual assault and its repercussions (and sometimes lack of) - "Well he’s up and he’s out, looking back upon the night he figured it out, this isn’t where he left his head to lay," they sing. "B-line from the crime, figures he’ll find the words to say it wasn’t him." - with the band explaining that they want the track to target those that feel like they can avoid the repercussions and consequences of their actions, because in times like today, they can't. "The title serves not only as a warning, but references responses triggered by such an incident, and the chain of events that unfold afterward," they say.

The track arrives with a pair of launch dates in New South Wales this February/March, but for now, dive into Trigger below:

Tour Dates: 

Friday, February 28th - The Vanguard, Sydney
Saturday, March 7th - The Family Hotel Newcastle

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