Premiere: Mezz Coleman - Magic Moment

Premiere: Mezz Coleman - Magic Moment

Naarm/Melbourne singer-songwriter returns with enchanting new single after nearly a decade

Image credit: Tom Schoon

After featuring on both Georgia Fields and Rich Webb’s 2022 albums and receiving an Australian Independent Record Label’s Association Women in Music Mentorship, Naarm/Melbourne’s Mezz Coleman has released her first solo music in nearly ten years is with her country-leaning, hook-filled new single Magic Moment out today.

Recorded and produced at Head Gap Studio with Rohan Sforcina (Ferla, Kate Miller-Heidke, Ali Barter), Coleman’s new single marks a new chapter for her sound as she explains “My earliest influence as a singer was Ella Fitzgerald, while as a songwriter I tended to oscillate between complex jazz or simple folk music. I never felt quite at home in either of those sounds though. Finally, I realised that I just wanted to make good pop music. This is the first song I have ever released that isn’t trying to be anything other than what it is! That feels really liberating.

When it comes to the meaning behind Magic Moment, Coleman says “I’ve spent so much of my life waiting for a lucky break, or for a perfect moment when everything would start swinging my way. This song was born out of the realisation that I had spent literally years of my life waiting, instead of just choosing to make the best of what was right in front of me each day- whether that be as an artist, or simply as a human trying to exist in the world. When we wait for the magic to happen, we miss the magic that is happening right in front of us.

The first from a new series of songs to be released this year, have a Magic Moment today!

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