Premiere: Ivey share the clip for their latest single Fall Apart, tease new EP

Premiere: Ivey share the clip for their latest single Fall Apart, tease new EP

The Gold Coast band have been unstoppable over the last few years, and with a new EP on the way, that only looks set to continue.

Header image by Zennieshia Butts.

Gold Coast-based group Ivey have really proved their place over the last few years, but it's been a long time coming. The group have been stand-outs within Queensland's next generation for much of the last five years, blossoming from a high-school group of teenagers with a shared passion for music into the heavyweights they are today, ones with sold-out headline shows and tour support slots with Ocean Alley, Confidence Man and Lime Cordiale under their backs, alongside with a discography that seems to perfectly balance quality and quantity.

That balance is something that's really shown over the last 24 months. In 2019, they shared a string of singles that really ushered them into the upper echelon of Australia's indie world, with song after song solidifying their craft while teasing potential new routes for their future. In 2020 - despite everything being thrown at them and the greater live music space - they've kept that continuing, with a string of work (ValentineMidnightFall Apart and an acoustic take on 2019 single Bodies) showing how they can move their sound from anthemic, synth-bound indie-pop right through to music at its most subtle and stripped-back.

Fall Apart is a bit of a highlight amongst their year of highlights, with the group diving into this rich palette of electronic synth and percussion that they merge together with their signature take on bright-eyed indie-pop, creating a sound that feels bright and a touch euphoric all while seemingly hinting at a darker underlying presence, which really comes through the song's lyricism (they mention that the track is quite therapeutic in nature, revolving around the "toxicity of an unhealthy relationship driven by expectation").

Today, however, we're premiering the single's official video clip, which really doubles down on the intimacy of the single's lyrical potency by placing it front and centre, unavoidable for the world to see. It almost feels like the band attempting to break free of the relationship's toxicity through Mille Perks' presence in the video - fighting against this layer of draping wrapped over her as she pulls and tugs against it - like she's trying to claw her way out, as the single's rich lyricism further suggests.

Ivey's new EP love + miscelanea is out October 23rd, but in the meantime, take a dive into the clip below. It's an incredibly powerful video and it's well worth the watch.

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