Premiere: Down For Tomorrow continue to tease a new EP with new single, Trouble Prone

Premiere: Down For Tomorrow continue to tease a new EP with new single, Trouble Prone

It's the fourth single from the Sydney group's Whatever Happens EP, being drip-fed throughout 2020.

Header image by Robbie Walcott.

Despite everything being thrown at them, Sydney punk group Down For Tomorrow aren't slowing down in 2020. It's a great thing to see, considering the group had a spectacular, break-out year in 2019 thanks to their Thanks To You EP and the small teases that have come since, but the last seven months or so have proved that nothing is drowning out their momentum, keeping things going with a collection of singles spread throughout the year thus far (the latest one of which, premiering today).

As it turns out, those singles are being collated together for their ongoing Whatever Happens EP, a collection of the group's bursts of creativity over the coronavirus period featuring all the singles that have either been recorded during coronavirus, or have simply just come out over the course of the last few months. Currently, the EP is four songs deep - today's Trouble Prone joining Until You Feel AlrightEmily and Show Me That You Care on the record - but there's plenty more to come, with each track further deepening the group's discography and how they've consistently shown versatility and range over this time.

No different is Trouble Prone, which joins the EP with its release today. It's a two-minutes-thirty explosion of energy that's over just as quickly as it begins; a flash of heavier pop-punk that rushes with its pace until it's over, a short but sweet duration keeping everything tidy and in-check, but still allowing a bit of ruckus to leak through in the process. It feels a little heavier when placed comparative to the rest of their work, capturing the group at their most lively and heavy-handed as they flesh out the punk backbone of much of their work, but amplifying it rather than keeping it relatively hidden underneath vocals.

"Everybody hates ghosting, yet a lot of us are guilty of doing it – myself included," says the band's Cody Stebbings on the single. "So, you could say this song is a dig at the hypocrisy of ghosting people, and at those who don’t understand that their lives are a reflection of their attitude and how they treat people. It’s also a dig at myself too."

The single also arrives with an official video clip directed by Robbie Walcott, which is as much of an adventure as the single as it pays homage to cult classics such as Trainspotting. "Working with Robbie for the music video was also an absolute blast. Watching him bring these brilliant ideas to life, and having Neel and Adam playing the lead roles, as well as having our management and some good mates in the clip, it was all a fantastic experience."

Take a dive into the track and its official video clip below:

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