Premiere: Down For Tomorrow follow up their latest EP with Show Me That You Care

Premiere: Down For Tomorrow follow up their latest EP with Show Me That You Care

Their second EP came out back in June, but if you're still yet to meet the rising rock stars, this new single is the perfect entry point.

Down For Tomorrow aren't exactly a 'new' band, per-say. In 2017, they exploded as rising stars amongst the Sydney rock-y/punk-y world with their debut EP Golf Is Not A Sport, while this year, they've come to be a somewhat defining name of the genre's next-generation, kicking off their second chapter with a string of singles followed by their tight and concise second EP back in June, Thanks To You. There's plenty to love amongst the EP's chaotic embrace of grungey punk-rock – the six-track release was a strong re-introduction to the band and how they've grown and evolved over the years – and people were picking up on it too, taking the group to King St Crawl and a support slot for one of their genre's defining names, The Maine.

Now, however, not contempt with putting out just a string of singles and a new EP in 2019, they're following it up and keeping the momentum rolling with their latest track, Show Me That You Care. It's an explosive three-minutes-twenty of Down For Tomorrow's energetic grunge-rock, keeping the hazy, DIY grittiness and roughness of their past work, despite tracks like Show Me That You Care obviously featuring quite a musical evolution – both in sound and slickness. 

On the outside, Show Me That You Care is shaded with this angsty, emotion-rich drawl that almost takes the single into emo-punk-esque categories, so when you go a bit deeper, it's no surprise that you find a track that's brutal with confessional honesty and emotional opening. "The lyrics from this song expose the selfish and stubborn traits in my personality," says frontman Cody Stebbings on the track. "It’s hard to explain the feelings of withholding and denial that surface when I realise that some people really are better off without me. Especially when the situation is in deep uncertainty, due to lack of communication on both ends. Will they walk back into your life? Will they stay at arm’s length? Will they forget about you entirely?"

"This song is about the emotions and confusion we sometimes feel, eliminating any chance of acting rationally, knowing someone you thought cared about you has well and truly moved on."

Dive into the single below ahead of a collection of tour dates that'll take the group to the year's end, including a pair of shows with British India.

Tour Dates:

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