Premiere: Airline Food combat leakers to share new single When I Was Young

Premiere: Airline Food combat leakers to share new single When I Was Young

The dizzying, washed-out single takes nostalgia for the 60s and 70s forward into modern-day - something the Perth band do best.

Over the last few years, Airline Food have become a real favourite of ours amongst the Perth live music world. In everything they've put out - EPs in 2016 and 2018, singles throughout the last twelve months including the Pilerats-premiered Axe Murderer and Find Yourself Tonight - they've consistently honed in on their sound to evolve it and grow to the next level, crafting a sound that's distinctly Airline Food as they take older flavoured sounds and bring them forwards to the future, uniting genres and musical textures as they go.

Their new single When I Was Young is an old favourite for the band that's been worked on here and there across the years, before meeting an unfortunate fate at the hands of a leaker a little while back, as the band explain: "Unfortunately this release turned out to be a logistical nightmare when someone on Instagram leaked the track while we were on an Instagram live stream," they say. What initially started as a wholesome isolation live stream quickly turned into the band going back and forth with the person supposedly leaking the track; a bit of a bitter end to a track that the band have been working on for a long while now.

However, a little leak isn't going to stop them. Premiering today ahead of its official release tomorrow, When I Was Young is a track worth getting out to the world, whether it's a leak that does it or whatever else. It's a masterclass in what Airline Food do best, plucking sounds and mannerisms scattered across the last century - the hazy psychedelia of the 60s right through to the 70s, the slight disco edge of the 80s, the indie-rock charm of the 10s - and combining them into one sound that doesn't just evade genres, but complete time periods too.

It's a natural follow-up to a song like Find Yourself Tonight, which in addition to Axe Murderer, really saw Airline Food start to grapple at this sound. It's washed out and dreamy - at points, the track opens into the psychedelic mania you'd expect from a collaboration between MGMT, Tame Impala and The Beatles - but focused and full of grooves, returning after this washed-out moment with a groovy bassline and pace-keeping keys that keep everything in line. "It is quite an old Airline Food tune, with the original idea written around two years ago now," the band continue. "Lots of time has been spent on finally getting this one to sound the way it does."

It's a brilliant track that showcases what Airline Food do best, and with everything that's happened, it's glad to still see it get the light of day. Dive into the track below:

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