Photo Gallery: Yours Truly take us behind-the-scenes of their new video, Composure

Photo Gallery: Yours Truly take us behind-the-scenes of their new video, Composure

Following the release of a full EP last year, the Sydney pop-punks are back with a taste of something new.

Yours Truly are a group that soon, will no longer need an introduction. Over the last few years, the four-piece have become a representative of Sydney's bustling pop-punk world and the next generation laden within, with a string of work ever since their debut EP back in 2017 - including another, second EP Afterglow which arrived in 2019 - solidifying them as a group that'll be a flag-bearer of Australia's heavier rock sphere to the greater international circuit, if they're not there already (they count Download Festival UK and Chicago mega-festival Riot Fest as two of their biggest shows to date).

It's almost obvious that Yours Truly are going to be the next name synonymous with Australian pop-punk - at least on an international scale, and how Australian pop-punk is perceived globally - and to have that kind of trajectory ahead of you coming out of your teens with not even an album under your belt, they're a band to get stupidly excited about. That's something they're going to be proving throughout 2020, by the sounds of it, and their first track of the year - last week's arriving Composure - is more evidence than ever that Yours Truly are what's next for Australian music.

Composure, simply put, begins Yours Truly's next chapter with a bang. Arriving with an official video clip, it's an exploration into how the group have evolved and blossomed throughout their relatively short time together, taking things to the next level in a way the band really wanted to, at least when it comes to Composure's accompanying video clip: "We really wanted the video to show off the new era of Yours Truly and to take things to the next level," vocalist Mikaila Delgado explains.

Musically, it's an explosion of anthemic pop-punk that captures Yours Truly at their most passionate and emotive, exploring the complexities of relationships amongst the controlled chaos of Yours Truly's signature sound that pulls back when it needs to; a distinct characteristic of their work compared to many others in their sphere, and a trait that allows their lurches forward into the heaviness of their choruses to hit that little bit harder. It's a lesson in contrast that's highlighted throughout Composure, and how Mikaila's vocal remains consistent despite the instrumental behind them completely pulling away at points.

"Composure is about trying to keep your cool at the end of a relationship and how difficult it can be," she says on the song. "It’s natural to be upset, angry and a million different other emotions at once. I wrote it at a time when I really needed to reclaim my self-worth after losing so much of it, I was over being miserable waiting for acceptance."

Their full-length debut record is finally incoming, and if one song is going to kick it off with a bang, it's definitely Composure. Dive into the single and its official video clip below, then venture behind-the-scenes of the video's creation through the band, who pluck a couple of key moments from the clip's creation and pair them with some words:

Behind the scenes of Composure, with Yours Truly: 

yt composure 1

We filmed the video for Composure with Kieran Ellis-Jones in Sydney. We had worked with him previously on I Can’t Feel and we loved how that video turned out so it was a no brainer to work with him again. (Mikaila)

yt composure 2

This us getting hyped to shoot the video. We started off shooting full band scenes and it was exciting to be playing a new song together. It was hard to stay serious during takes especially since we hadn’t been around each other for a couple of weeks. (Lachlan)

yt composure 3

In the video, we used a fog effect to emphasise the coloured lights. We wanted to mix these elements to draw out a sense of depth by creating silhouettes of people in the background. (Teddie)

yt composure 4

We wanted the lighting in the Composure video to reflect the artwork for the single so we used teal and burgundy. (Brad) 

yt composure 5

This is Brad on Jumz. (Brad)

yt composure 6

After doing full band shots we started filming everyone individually. This is me with my favourite guitar - LTD TE1000. (Teddie)

yt composure 7

We shot the video in March and it was our first time really performing since Good Things in December. Needless to say after moments like this I was feeling really sore. (Lachlan)

yt composure 8

We had our good friend and artist Georgia Moloney work on the artwork for the single. We trusted her with this vision again after working with her on the ‘Afterglow’ EP art. She actually appears in the video crocheting the artwork and also took all these photos! (Mikaila)

yt composure 9

This was at the end of the day when we’d finished all band shots so we started dancing around Teddie while he was melting down candles. (Brad)

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