Listen: LUCI - Sunrise

Listen: LUCI - Sunrise

The Boorloo six-piece lighten the mood with their new infectiously danceable single.

Photo by Brandon Calder

Hailing from Boorloo/ Perth comes a fresh-faced six-piece known as LUCI, a group who seamlessly blend funk, pop and RnB into catchy melodies and feel-good tracks. Making their debut last year with the track Hands, the up and comers have supported the likes of Katy Steele, Death by Denim and Siobhan Cotchin, quickly catching the attention of anyone who appreciates tight musicianship, and a steady groove. Today their latest offer Sunrise enters the world, an infectiously danceable track that’s sure to lighten your day. 

Influenced by artists such as Parcels, Tom Misch and Fleetwood Mac, Sunrise sports a syncopated groove embellished by driving bass and the funky twang of electric guitars, providing the perfect backing for vocals to soulfully glide from honey-like textures to more grittier tones as the melody unfolds. Lyrically unpacking those slices of joy in life and the thrill of human connection, there's a warm sense of longines and love, expressed in phrases such as “you are all I ever need, need you right here next to me, stay with me right by my side, stay with me just for the night, the sunrise”. 

Out today, be sure to lighten your mood with LUCIs new single Sunrise below. 

LUCI’s new single Sunrise is out now.


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