Exclusive: Check out a track by track and J.F.K's rambunctious new EP, IT

Exclusive: Check out a track by track and J.F.K's rambunctious new EP, IT

The Perth rockers prove they're here for a bloody good time on their new five-tracker.

Perth rockers J.F.K have been very quickly crafting a reputation for being one of this state's most entertaining, energetic and exciting emerging bands over the past 12-18 months. Taking us back to a time when "The" bands like The Hives and The Vines ruled the airwaves, their blistering brand of rock'n'roll is almost untouched around these parts, and their new EP IT manages to perfectly capture that energy across five ripping new tracks. And according to frontman James Knox, "IT is the elephant in the room, the dark dog in your head and the angry rain cloud outside condensed into one offering... Every track is supposed to be a release of a different type of frustration – rather than just being angry tracks, I’m hoping people vibe the content and relate to the issues touched on in the lyrics."

Strap yourself in and feel the Gs ahead of its official August 24 release below, plus check out an excellent track by track along with a few upcoming tour dates for the group in Melbourne and Perth.

IT: (The Beginning)

IT is the cause of all your problems; it’s the beginning. So focussed on chasing your dreams that you forget how to function like a normal person. Wonder why I haven’t seen you in so long. Start losing friends.

Forget About It: (The Argument)

Tension’s building. Did you want to go out tonight or did you want to stay home? I’m not really sure. I’m still focussed on IT and I feel like all I do is let you down. We argue. You tell me to Forget About It.

Roll With It: (Everything’s the Same)

Go out to your mate’s house party. Or maybe it was out to a gig. Maybe it’s even a Friday night in. Your friend comes up to you and describes in-depth a documentary they watched on beetles for 15 minutes. They’re all up in your grill – you can literally smell the kebab they
had for dinner. Out of it. Can’t people have fun just being themselves anymore? Guess they’ll take work off tomorrow. Guess they’ll just Roll With It.

Feel It Again: (Everything Isn’t the Same)

Lots of things have gone wrong / I’m not sure if we still feel the same. Will we ever Feel It Again? I hope so.

A Boy And A Boy: (Alive Again)

Couldn’t leave this track off the EP – too important to the period of time around which the EP was written. Sometimes people make you feel horrible for just being you. Sometimes you even see TV ads describing how you as a person are wrong. But sometimes a lot of people
have your back. Sometimes you don’t care what someone else thinks because the person next to you is more important than anything. Sometimes you need to fight for what’s important.


Thu 30 Aug - Old Bar, Melbourne w/ Pinch Points, Colouring Cats and Gena Rose Bruce (Solo)

Fri 31 Aug - Yah Yah's, Melbourne w/ The Outdoor Type and Face Face

Sat 8 Sep - Badlands Bar, Perth w/ Myths, The Psychotic Reactions and Mal De Mer


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