Introducing Another Sky and their twisted latest single, Avalanche

Introducing Another Sky and their twisted latest single, Avalanche

Their emotion-driven and almost haunting latest single/video takes aim at toxic masculinity and oppression.

London's Another Sky are a new band, but it doesn't mean they're small. Their debut EP, Forget Yourself, was met with a tonne of love and acclaim over in the UK with the then-unidentifiable group drawing comparisons to everyone from Radiohead to Four Tet – or somewhere in between. However, they never really were able to cross over to Australia, and I really think their new single Avalanche could do it. Avalanche sees the group step into the spotlight for the first time, with lead vocalist Catrin Vincent particularly taking centre stage in the single's official video, which is about as emotional as they come.

However, chances are that the first time you listen to Avalanche, you won't be focussing on the video. Instead, you'll be focusing on the androgynous-like vocals of Vincent which she twists and warps across the song, with her vocals going from deep and powerful to light and more fragile at the flick of a switch. "A lot of people think I’m a man," she says, discussing how her deep voice, paired with the band's shyness from the spotlight, often came with misrepresentation early on in the group's inception. "I think people are embarrassed when they initially think it’s one of the guys singing, but I love it. It’s like I’ve got two voices – there’s this soft, whispery voice that can go really high, and then suddenly there’s this angry chest voice. Somewhere along the way, I drew two voices together."

Pairing this vocal with a more indie-leaning instrumental, Another Sky are able to make a real moment of beauty on Avalanche, something the band cement even further with the single's official video. Inspired by Tracey Chapman and the #MeToo movement, Avalanche's video unites the single's twisted and emotive drive with a video that forces you to focus on Vincent's presence and her emotions, which match the theme of the single pretty damn well. "Avalanche speaks of the toxic masculinity that bleeds into every other form of oppression, that causes white men with badges to shoot black men without, that causes women to live their lives in fear, that causes men themselves to live in fear."

While still quite early in their career, Avalanche is a real good sign that Another Sky can branch out of their UK home and make an impact on international waters, and we'll be here, eagerly awaiting this wave to reach Australia very soon. Watch the single's video below.

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