Introducing SCK CHX and their energetic new single, Spinning Around

Introducing SCK CHX and their energetic new single, Spinning Around

Released via Sydney events collective and artist-run label, Yeah Nah Yeah.

SCK CHX are a Sydney-based trio of mates who grew up together, and as you'll discover below, decided to make some music. And so far so good, with triple j and FBI Radio getting around their last single Stuck In The Mud, and newest single Spinning Around a ripper. It's out via the lads' own label Yeah Nah Yeah, and instead of us talking more get it straight from the horse's mouth below:

Tell us about about yourselves?

We are a modern jazz trio who explore theatrical sounds through pure complex human emotion, never failing to connect with our audiences or ourselves... Nah, we are three friends who grew up together and in the last two years picked up instruments and began writing music inspired by the sounds we like. As well as playing together we run a music and events collective called Yeah Nah Yeah with three of our other best mates. Matt changes haircuts weekly, Josh tells funny jokes until they aren’t funny anymore and Andrew is falling over more than he is standing. 

What kinda tunes we talkin’?

We draw a lot from early-60s garage psyche such as The Monks and Beach Boys. We blend this garage psych with post punk sounds from Joy Division all the way to Peter Bjorn & John to create music they we hope finds a space between meditative shoe gaze and hypnotic rock and roll.

Production/writing process:

We write our song in one of two ways. Either one of us comes to the other two with an idea and we flesh it out together, adding our own flavours through our instruments. This method is similar to Andy baking a cake and then Matt and Josh decorating it. The other method is that we just go into a room together with our instruments and play. Taking lead from each other at different points and then when something sounds good we evolve it together. This method is more similar to us having a child together and then raising it until 18 years of age where we send it off into the world and begin living our lives on different cruises and going to swingers parties.

Can you tell us about your new single, Spinning Around?

Spinning Around is the first that we wrote together as a band so it has a lot of sentimental value to us in that sense. It’s a punchy choon with drums that knock you around like a bull out of a gate, whilst the crunchy guitars tear through you. The song is about losing control and feeling comfortable with that.

Any shows coming up?

Dec 23: Joint Single Launch w/ Jermango Dreaming @ Secret Location.

Jan 9: Cobra Club w/ Crocodylus and Blaand @ Waywards, The Bank Hotel, Newtown

What’s the rest of the year have in store?

Well besides the single launch with Jermango, we are just working on new material that focuses more-so on meditation aspects in music. As well as this just getting all the parts together for the release of our EP Downward Dog in early Feb. Besides that we are just going to be chilling around and relaxing our way into 2018.

Where can we hear more of your music?

Spotify and/or Soundcloud.


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